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Breakin' Convention represents the origins and evolution of hip hop culture from around the world and around the corner

Breakin' Convention is the award-winning and critically acclaimed organisation that represents the origins and evolution of hip hop culture from around the world and around the corner. Working with the most respected, innovative and inspirational artists, Breakin' Convention seeks to position hip hop dance alongside more historically established art forms, through our world-renowned international festivals, professional development, youth projects and educational programme.

Jonzi D is the founder and Artistic Director of Jonzi D Projects and Breakin' Convention and is an Associate Artist at Sadler's Wells Theatre, London.  A dancer, spoken word artist and director, he is the foremost advocate for hip hop who has changed the profile and influenced the development of the UK British hip hop dance and theatre scene over the last two decades.

Breakin' Convention is a Sadler's Wells Project.

We are a continually evolving organisation and since the birth of our festival in 2004 we have grown to encompass a range of events and services. Breakin’ Convention's flagship London Festival and it's Touring, professional development programmes like Open Art SurgeryBack to the Lab and Higher Learning and youth projects like Starting From Scratch are all key projects in our calendar.

Our core values include profiling the world’s elite hip hop performers, nurturing UK-based talent, exploring the possibilities of hip hop dance theatre, educating on the foundations of hip hop dance and engaging with children and young people.

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Breakin’ Convention
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Jonzi D, Artistic Director
Emma Ponsford, Tour Manager
Natalie Pryce, General Manager
Michelle NortonProgramme Manager
Shay Rafati, Education Officer 
Dave Barros, Digital Communications Officer
Owen Ling, Marketing Assistant
Darren Chetty, Education Consultant


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