ArtJaz (UK)

Julian 'ArtJaz' - hotter-than-July graffiti artist who has been bringing the heat for over 20 years now; ever since the arrival of SUBWAY ART in the school playground, he's been influenced by the letters, the characters, the arrows... the Beautiful Artform which never quite seems to shake its negative tag but is always called upon, this is why he's been able to weave his magic over all this time: a tv spot here, an album cover there... lounging around in sunny California for a bit of scribble??

Clients past & present include: Levi's, Channel 4, Warner Bros USA, Graffiti Kings London, Manga Entertainment, X-Factor, Jr Apprentice, Diesel, Kiss FM, Etnies, Hip Hop Connection, Touch Magazine, RWD,  Shaolin Wheel of Life, Maxi Jazz (Faithless).

Come on, nothing's beyond this guy - who knows what's in store for this mild-mannered daydreamer? Watch this space.

Julian will also be painting live (with marker pen) throughout the Breakin' Convention weekend.

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4our Pillars (June 2013)


Breakin' Convention 2012 (Sadler's Wells)