BBoy Ata (Finland)

B-Boy Ata of Ghost Crew is one of the most succesful Finnish street dance experts.

Ata's career started with successes in international battles all over the world and continues with invitations to Europe and Asia as an invited guest judge in battles and a well sought-after as a master teacher and performer.

Among his many accomplishments is placing first in battles like Monster Jam 2009 (Seoul, Korea), World Dance Colosseum 2009 (Tokyo, Japan), Rocksteady Anniversary 2005 (NY, USA), Streetstar Scandinavia 2006 toprock solo (Stockholm) and 7 to Smoke Scandinavia 2005 (Copenhagen), just to name a few.

On theatre stage he has worked as a soloist for the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki in Spin - the Musical from 2006-2007 as well as  Play Me – The Musical Game  which had it’s premiere on September, 2009 in the same theatre, later followed by Jail Break.

You can find Ata even on the Playstation game, B-Boy - The Game.

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