BBoy Junior (France)

Born 10 March 1981 in Kinshasa, Junior bosila Banya arrived in France at the age of two years for treatment after contracting polio. From a young age, he feels the need to dance continuously, mixing his idol, Michael Jackson with acrobatic movements.

In 1995, he joined the group Serial Crew Breakersand made his first appearances at regional competitions. At Breizh battle in 1997, he was voted the best dancer in the competition. Junior was born as "alien", a nickname given to performing out of the ordinary breaking tricks.

Junior is characterised by original breaking, based on a subtle blend of strength and finesse. Away from the academic style, he developed a dance that resembles both powerful music and feline. Guided by a constant search for innovative figures, he reinvents breaking combining flexibility and freedom of movement on the ground and in the air, characterising his style.

In 1999, he met the Wanted Posse, and became an official member of the group in 2000, under the pseudonym "Buanson."

In 2001, he won the title of world champion at the Battle Of The Year Germany.

Subsequently Junior stopped his studies to devote himself to his art. He began to make appearances on the small screen by participating in TV programmes ("Hit Machine" on M6, "Confidentially Yours" on France 2). France 4 TV channel traces devote a documentary about his career.

Junior has appeared in ads in France and abroad, working with personalities such as Jamel Debbouze, Alain Chabat and Madonna.

In parallel, he has toured with the company Wanted Posse around the world, presenting their creations (Bad Moves, Trance, Roots).

In 2007, Junior gained notoriety by winning the show "Incroyable Talent" on M6.

With this journey he decided in 2009 to embark on the perilous adventure solo.

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