Buckness Personified (UK)

Buckness Personified has only been together since January 2012 and started off as a project, which was to bring a group of female dancers with a strong interest in Krump together for one performance not the first time this had been done, some having no Krump experience before and some having some training which needed to be re-moulded. Within the eight weeks of prep for the show, the ladies began to grow as Krump dancers and as individuals.

They became more confident as dancers and also became more confident and outgoing in their personal lives. When the leader Duwane Taylor could see the growth, hunger and bond these girls had developed together, he spoke to all the members and decided to turn Buckness Personified into a group as they had already formed as a family.

Buckness Personified are the first all female Krump Group in the UK!!

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Physical Justice at Stratford Circus


Breakin' Convention 2015


We are b.supreme 2014 London