Compagnie Revolution (France)

Compagnie Revolution always comes to Breakin’ Convention with cutting edge Hip Hop dance theatre vision. They explore, head on, themes that are unusual within the genre of Hip Hop dance. Compagnie Revolution are crucial to the development of how Hip Hop dance theatre is used onstage.

In Urban Ballet, Anthony Egéa creates choreographic alchemy through his juxtaposition of classical forms and Hip Hop dance techniques, to a soundscape featuring music by Vivaldi, Ravel, Iannis Xenakis and Franck II Louise.

Since 1999, Anthony Egéa has been developing his Hip Hop technique by confronting other styles of movement with the desire to “show dance from the inside, more profoundly, from the skin to the thoughts”. His projects create hybrid dance forms that deviate from the traditional and question conventional movement.

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