Compagnie Zahrbat (France)

Brahim Bouchelaghem’s works take their substance from significant personal experiences which he translates onto the stage with poetry and generosity.

After travelling to Palestine with the Compagnie Accrorap and witnessing the wall that has been built between Israel and the West Bank, he was moved to create a piece about human absurdity. El Firak does not so much deal with the war but with the families torn apart by the conflict and its arbitrary political decisions. Bouchelaghem’s dance expresses human suffering and disbelief in the face of a tragic situation with great sensitivity. His Hip Hop-inspired movements tell a thousand tales.

Born in Roubaix in 1972, Brahim Bouchelaghem discovered Hip Hop in 1984. A self-taught dancer, he was spotted by Farid Berki at the Battle of the Year 1996 and joined Compagnie Melting Spot the same year. In 1998, he became a dancer with the Compagnie Käfig for the new work Récital. In 2004, Kader Attou asked him to take over a role in Pourquoi Pas. This marked the beginning of a collaboration with Compagnie Accrorap, which led to his first solo Zahrbat. In 2006, he was invited by the company Frank ll Louise to take up one of the roles in Drop It, performing at Breakin’ Convention 07 and on the national tour.

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