Company Elite (UK)

Company Elite is an amateur collective of aspiring dancers from Cheshire aged 12 - 23. The company was put together by Julie Harris through the Street Dance Academy.  Company Elite have only been together since 2011 but have been constantly busy throughout.

The aim of the company is to not only learn and train foundation and skill of street dance styles but to learn the culture, history and absorb any opportunity for experience within it.

There is minimal opportunity for any street dance training in Cheshire, which is why the company director Julie Harris decided to take her training and knowledge and pass it to those who cannot access the training she had. Julie Harris is the owner of Street Dance Academy, and has been training in street dance styles for 10 years.

She has learnt from the pioneers of the industry and has traveled to New York, Vegas, LA to learn from the originators. She often trains in London and Birmingham and has performed with various companies all over UK and Europe.

Julie also has a Masters Degree in Dance Science and Medicine and is currently in process of being published with a research paper that will show  breaking is as physically demanding if not more than ballet and contemporary dance, she is fighting for more recognition into street dance as it is currently considered a second class art form in comparison to some mainstream genres: Julie aims to change this view within the academic world.

Artist's events


Breakin' Convention 2012 (Birmingham Hippodrome)