Dance Nuvo (UK)

Dance Nuvo is a specialist Street dance school established in 2002 by Lucie Talbott.  

Dance Nuvo have worked on many projects across the UK, meeting great people from all different walks of life. Their ethos is to reach out to the community and inspire people to dance, by using old school and new school street dance styles.  

As part of the company we have 3 groups of dancers that go to do shows and competitions:
Nuvo Noir which is the adult professional company,
Nuvo Youth ages 10 to 17 years both choreographed by Lucie Talbott
Nu Born Bboy crew Trained by Fabien Riviere of B-Boy’s Attic.

Together we are a very large family spread out across the Midlands.

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Artist's events


Dance Nuvo - Crew Auditions - Midlands (2015)


Summer in Southside - Hip Hop Hour


Dance Nuvo Street Dance Styles Foundations Summer School