Daz Littlewood

Daz Littlewood (Dazzla) has been into b-boying since around 1982 when he first watched the Rock Steady Crew on Top of the Pops and Blue Peter promoting their single (Hey You) Rock Steady Crew.

Blown away by their dance moves having seen nothing like it Daz set off to learn at his local shopping centre in Hounds Hill where a crew called Floormasters used to practice. After getting the hang of the moves he formed his own crew with his brother and some good friends to form Future Shock and gained sponsorship from local sports shop Past Time Sports.

Once tehy thought they were good enough, entering competitions across the North West took them to clubs in Bolton such as Maxwells and The Gallery and Strawberries in Manchester, the mecca for b-boys in the 80s where crews like Broken Glass, Zulu Rockers and Street Machine could be found training and battling in the Arndale Centre.

These days Daz is now more underground and organising battle events such as Coastal Congflict with first generation crew Floor Masters and the Shaolin Monkeys - check them out on Facebook!