Don't Hit Mama (Netherlands)

Don't Hit Mama is an Amsterdam based dance theatre organization, founded in 2000. Artistically led by theatre maker Nita Liem and dramaturge and writer Bart Deuss. Don't Hit Mama creates work with professional, semi-professional and amateur dancers, based on Afro-American dance and music principles. The organization seeks inspiration by working with authoritative dance masters from, amongst others, the United States, South Africa, the UK and Senegal.

Don't Hit Mama performs for a broad audience from youngsters to adults, from dance fools to theatre addicts. For anyone who is open for a new theatre experience.

The work of Don't Hit Mama is inspired by life in the big city, by the uninhibited and capricious life styles of its inhabitants. People preoccupied with their ‘urban survival’. The style and rhythm of large cities hide a lot of different faces. The art products of Don't Hit Mama centre around dance, celebration and self-awareness. The dance organization works with both young performers and experienced artists. Working out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the artistic core (Nita Liem and Bart Deuss) connect with performers, dancers and theatre makers from all over the world. The Afro-American tradition provides global languages, which are of great importance in an era of crossing cultures.

Don't Hit Mama produces dance theatre projects with the strength of a modern " rite of passage".

About Lloyd Marengo (choreographer of Father Father) 
Lloyd Marengo comes from the breakdance scene. He possesses the remarkable gift of being able to take the fast and furious b-boy dance language and remould it into a thoroughly poised and vulnerable form of dance theatre. His choreographic work springs from his own dance experiments that display a remarkable level of precision and control. He dissects breakdance without damaging its authenticity; the result is powerful and intimate, as demonstrated so convincingly in the duet Tag, which he made at Don’t Hit Mama in 2010.

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