Favela Compagnie (France/Brazil)

Based in Saint-Nazaire, Favela Company was created in 2013 by George Cordeiro aka Ghel Nikaido, dancing with Leila Ka. 

The company works on hip hop movement and its expansion, seeking to deconstruct the urban movements already established and to open up new areas of exploration and new aesthetics. 

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, George Cordeiro (Ghel Nikaido) learned to dance in the street before joining Brazil's Bruno Beltrao company with which he performed internationally with productions Télésquatt, H2 and H3.

Leila Ka is a young dancer Saint-Nazaire and a former student in the dance departments of the Universities of Lille 3 and Paris 8. She was introduced to hip hop dance by George Cordeiro and fuses this with her training.