Gator (France)

Self-taught dancer Gator discovered dance in 1998 in the streets of Châtelet, France, where he was raised alongside a generation of other famous street dancers such as Salah and Sally Sly. 

Working with the Electric Boogaloos to perfect his popping technique, after just four years of training, street shows, videos and intense artistic experiences, Gator became synonymous with the French popping style. 

2001 charted Gator's global adventure and meeting with Bruce Ykanji, founder of the famous dance competition Juste Debout. After winning the first Juste Debout popping title in 2002 France's unique approach to popping stepped up a level. 

From television to musicals, collaborations with leading choreographers such as Blanca Li, Kamel Ouali, Hakim Gorab, Philipe Almeida, Gator stays close to his beginnings, feeding his knowledge of dancing and broadening his skills through practice in jazz and contemporary ballet.

Artist's events


Breakin' Convention 2015