Gemini (France)

Three times Hip-Hop world champion, international leader of the Locking style, Gemini's artistic talents are not limited to Hip-Hop. This dancer and underground choreographer can also show himself to be a classy model, a talented actor or a daring producer.

Both controlled and spontaneous, he elegantly jumps from Hip-Hop style to a retro 70's inspiration and plays with contrasts.
He plays up to his image with style, constantly changing direction, so that perhaps his most striking talent is to be a chameleon.

Gemini was born Fabrice Aragonès on May 23, 1974 near Paris. Nearly the same year, on the other side of the Atlantic a new style with the smell of sulphur made its appearance. It's name, Hip-Hop. Little by little, this urban culture grows and comes over to France. Gemini did not however experience much of this during his childhood, but was brought up far from Hip-Hop.

It's only in 1989, when the family moves to Roissy, that it happens. A few blocks away from the home of his parents, Gemini comes across two professional dancers. He's rapidly impressed by their lives, full of travel stories and encounters ; he sets his heart on one day having the same. He too wants to appear in the spotlight. He too wants to arouse admiration. But to meet his goal, the young man knows what's next : work hard to fully express his passion.

Hip-Hop then becomes his unique priority. Gemini skips classes to go and practice in secret. In his last year at school, he decides to abandon his studies to focus only on dancing. His teacher predicts an unsuccessful future, and his parents think that becoming a «Hip-Hop dancer» isn't a real job. These discouragements nearly have the effect of increasing his commitment ; he will become an artist or nothing.

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