Gianna Gi (Australia)

Gianna Gi is a young artist from Brisbane, Australia. Starting dance at 5 years of age she has trained in numerous styles, now focusing on urban dance, contemporary and her own unique style. Graduating from the selective school Queensland Academy for Creative Industries in 2012, she has a rich experience in theatre, visual art, music and creative devising both in Brisbane and internationally. 

In 2014, after training and developing her unique style in Paris, Gianna became the first Australian to compete in the Juste Debout World Finals (experimental section). Subsequently, she has based herself in the UK working both nationally and throughout Europe. 

Her latest project is the creative collective JILTD. Gianna has a keen interest in interdisciplinary art and is passionate about work that is creative, innovative and original – she will strive for this, always, in her dance and artistic projects.


Artist's events


Breakin' Convention 2015