The House That Union Jack Built (UK)

The House That Union Jack Built is a collective of dancers from around London and across the UK including members from Wales, Portsmouth and Scotland.
The Head of House and founder is Turbo an established house and street dancer in the UK who has competed internationally in competitions such as Juste Debout (France), Funkin Stylez (Germany), SDK(Czech republic) and Style Fest (UK).

Second in charge and House Keeper is Caramel, one of the top female house dancers in the UK. As well as having her own house company, Pieces of House, she has also competed internationally at events such as Funkin Stylez (Germany 2009/2010), Juste Debout UK and also teaches workshops nationally.

Under the House Keeper is House Insurance which consists of Jordan Franklin, Botis Seva and Ricardo Da Silva, Jordan being one of the youngest members has his own dance group which go by the name of New Movements and has also competed in competitions such as Juste Debout UK, Style Fest (UK) and has performed on stage at the Barbican for The Pied Piper with Boy Blue Entertainment.

Botis is a house dancer who has also competed in Juste Debout UK and House Dance UK and leader of the company Far From The Norm which is a group of dancers from were the name is self explanatory.
Ricardo Da Silva is another passionate house dancer who has been with Turbo since the start. He has competed in Juste Debut UK (with Botis) and got to the finals to face Turbo and is also a member of Boy Blue Entertainment and is currently training at The Place in London.

Additional members of The House That Union Jack Built include:
Perri Slater-Alexander from Portsmouth and a member of The Beat Breakers
Corey Thomas from Wales and a member of Fahrenheit Swansea and NVC
Steph Fulton from Scotland and a member of MA Dance Crew

The group has been together for around a year and have been taught by various pioneers such as Brian 'Footwork' Green, Caleef Sellers, Brooklyn Terry, and Shanon Mbara.

House is about different people coming together from all different walks of life sharing and expressing feelings, ideas and experiences. Each of The House That Union Jack Built has different qualities to bring to this collective as well as disparate styles and influences such as African, tap, capoeira, breaking, contemporary and hip hop.

One of their goals is to put UK house on the map, exercised through battles, exchange workshops and just by sharing the energy and good vibes that house encases. We aim to reach out not only to house enthusiasts or dancers but to everyone sharing our love, enjoyment and honesty. Members within the House That Union Jack Built have competed in great competitions such as Juste Debout, Funkin Stylez & Style Fest sharing our view on house.

They are a collective that wants to bring love, passion, knowledge and most importantly the fun of house music and house dance. House is a continuation of a spirit that has always existed and we hope to keep it alive. We love house dance, we teach house dance, we share house dance. We are house dance- we are The House That Union Jack Built.

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Pieces of House Dance Convention (Husky Studios London)


Pieces of House Dance Convention (Studio 25 Manchester)


Breakin' Convention 2012 (Sadler's Wells)