Hung Nguyen (UK)

Hung Nguyen is one of the founders of a hip hop theatre company called Rationale Productions. He started b-boying in 2003 after being inspired by his cousin's first performance. He soon took classes offered at a dance studio run by the Sheffield Connection Youth Centre taught by the old school UK b-boy pioneer MC Nige (Street Crew). Hung dedicated his life to the dance style and gained more knowledge by attending master classes from well-known international b-boys such as Junior (France), Lil John (USA) Blanka (Denmark), Mouse (UK) and Poe One (USA).

Hung has performed at Breakin' Convention 2006, 2007 and 2012 (London and Sheffield). As a member of Rationale, Hung has performed in numerous venues such as Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield Theatres, Square Chapel (Halifax), Contact Theatre (Manchester), Yorkshire Dance (Leeds), Barbican Theatre (Plymouth), Norwich's Playhouse and many more. In 2010 Hung also featured in the Bollywood International Streetdance movie “Someday” which was shot in Sheffield.

Keen to share his knowledge and expertise, Hung teaches regularly at local dance schools around South Yorkshire and leads workshops throughout other regions. Hung also has a degree in Events Management with Arts & Entertainment, which enable him to put on successful dance events.