Jodelle Douglas (UK)

Jodelle Douglas comes from Bristol. Music and dance has always been a part of Jodelle's life since growing up as his family gather a lot of inspiration and love from all types of music. Jodelle grew up mostly listening to jazz, reggae and hip hop which he says these are important influences that he's gained towards dance and many other things. He has been dancing since a very young age but started taking dance serious at the age of 12 where he used to meet up and exchange with friends also into dance where he started learning foundations of street dance styles, then studied at Swindon Youth Dance Academy for four years where he continued to learn foundations, history and battling.

Jodelle is known in the underground dance scene for battling at events all over the world sharing his love and passion for dance. He is an artist inspiring people around the world for his unique style of movements.