Jukebox Juniors (UK)

Jukebox Collective encompasses some of the youngest, most versatile street dancers in the UK. Based in Cardiff and founded by Liara Barussi in 2005, the company operates on the principle of excellence in dance being a right for all. Jukebox aim to inspire, create and educate through street dance and hip hop culture.

Jukebox delivers ongoing dance development and has a particular emphasis on nurturing fresh young talent up to professional level. Jukebox's core dancers have transitioned form ‘Jukebox Juniors' to a collective of diverse dancers ranging from 14 - 19 years old. Their progression has seen the dancers travel internationally, exchanging, performing and engaging with dance worldwide. There strength lies in their ability to deliver in both freestyle and choreography, with an innovative, fresh approach to producing dance theatre.

Jukebox have produces compelling high-quality work, including performances at Breakin' Convention in 2009 and 2010 as well as bespoke pieces for international commercial, corporate and private clients. Jukebox continues to develop partnerships and build its artistic profile through its work and collaborations.

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