Just Dance Productions (South Korea)

Just Dance Productions represents seven of Korea’s best bboys. These dancers without a doubt represent the very best dancers in the hip hop scene. They have have won numerous competitions as well as toured theatre shows internationally This company fuses Korean culture with contemporary bboy choreography and it is clear to see why they have gained such notoriety as one of the leading bboy collectives of our time.

Touring with Breakin' Convention across the UK, Luxembourg and to Toronto! 

Performers: Bboy Bruce Lee, Bboy Ducky, Bboy F.E. (UK only), Bboy Pop, Bboy Pocket (UK only), Bboy Flex, Bboy Dol, BBoy Wasabi, BBoy Rookie (Luxembourg & Toronto only) and BBoy Moony (Luxembourg & Toronto only).
Choreography: Bboy Ducky 
Composer: Gongmyoung, Jaeil-Jung, Just Dance 

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Breakin' Convention 2017 LONDON