Les Twins (France)

Identical twin brothers Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, professionally known, as "Les Twins" are dancers, choreographers, models, actors, rappers, beat-makers, comedians, and all-around entertainers.

Les Twins have been featured dancers for various music artists, including Beyonce and Missy Elliott. Inspired by babies and animation, their "twins style" of dance incorporates a high level of artistry, acrobatic technique, daring
innovative moves, and brilliant comedic timing.

Les Twins are known for their distinctive ability and skill at blending dance moves and techniques from hip-hop to classical, showcasing their outstanding musicality, fluidity and uncanny "twins" synchronicity.

In the world of hip-hop dance, they are recognized internationally for their "new style" hip-hop dance style, and as two of the founding members of the CriminalzCrew dance crew; and they are often referred to by their respective nicknames, "Lil Beast" (Laurent) and "Ca Blaze" (Larry).

Les Twins are professional choreographers as well, having created and collaborated for Missy Elliott, Cirque du Soleil, Jay-Z, and most notably for Beyonce.

Les Twins also well known for their infamous workshops and master classes, which they teach literally all over the world.

Standing at 6'4" (193 cm) tall, the brothers are seasoned models with experience in editorial/commercial print and high fashion runway. They have been featured in high-fashion magazines, and in national ad campaigns.

Les Twins' continue to grow as artists and entertainers. They have acted movies in Hollywood and in Bollywood, and they are embarking on a music career as well. 

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