Lovepusher (UK)

Lovepusher is a British-born artist living and working in London. He began painting classic letter based graffiti in 1995. In 2003, after eight years of refining his graffiti skills and exploring the tenets of the graffiti culture, Lovepusher transitioned from painting classic urban graffiti to dynamic and futuristic 3D typography. 

A strong advocate of personal development and education, Lovepusher extensively studied the fine art works and painting techniques of the renaissance masters. With his artistic knowledge, Lovepusher has gone on to create truly magnificent works of three dimensional typography around the world; touching culturally rich places such as America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and throughout Europe.

Lovepusher continues to push the 3D visual envelope by exploring current and new innovative ideas aimed at providing the viewer with a more vivid and visceral experience.