Marv-ill Superlungs

Marv-ill Superlungs is a unique and exciting rising star in the beatbox scene. He is known for his loud and powerful beats and bass as wells as his unique beatbox style. He also combines rapping and beatboxing in live shows and recording.

Marv first began rapping at 10, producing at 12 and beatboxing at 13. Although still in his early 20s he has a wealth of recording, performing and teaching experience and talent. During this time he has supported and worked with number one artists and hip hop legends alike.

Marv-ill is now bringing all his skills together and since making his first CD, the all-vocal Big Mouth Promo. He continues to do live shows and workshops and is writing and recording material for his first EP.

Artist's events


Breakin' Convention Presents Freestyle Funk Forum at Rich Mix


Roots of Rhythm at Rich Mix


Breakin' Convention 2012 (Sadler's Wells)