Michelle Ramsey (UK)

Michelle Ramsey aka Mimi is founder and director of Urban Dance Project. She has danced since the age of three trained in all aspects of dance, and at 16 moved to London to train where she got into the hip hop music scene. At the age of 19 Mimi was fortunate to get a contract dancing in a contemporary company in Germany where she was introduced to the breaking scene, training with the Hungarian Crew Enemy Squad, inspiring her to train with Niels (Storm), breaking and creating locking choreography. 

Formerly known as B-Girl Mich-L and member of Trumasters, Michelle moved back to the UK in 2000 and has since taught nationwide. Engaging people into dance, Michelle uses her styles and inspirations to create a dance style that she loves, a fusion of, hip hop, commercial and contemporary. 

Mimi has loved being a rep for BC 2014 and can’t wait for the show. #lovetodance.