Glynn Judd (Noir) is an experienced graffiti expert with over 25 years hands-on practice of the subculture of graffiti vandalism on trains. His involvement with graffiti spans from the mid 1980s where he grew up in a small suburb of Essex and relocated to London in 1996.

He has written a number of articles about graffiti culture for the British press including, most recently, for the Guardian newspaper. He has appeared in The Metro, Evening Standard and Daily Mirror. He has been interviewed by several online publications such as Not Guilty Magazine, Aerosol Planet and Wordplay Magazine, and appeared in several documentaries produced by Short Form Films. He has participated in youth workshops run by Croydon Council and Muswell Hill Baptist Church discussing his experiences in graffiti. He still actively writes graffiti, but strictly in a legal environment in gallery shows and workshops in England and Europe. He enjoys freelancing for the British media and is currently writing a follow up to his debut novel, Addicted to Steel.