Nu Projeks (UK)

NuProjeks is an ongoing projects company with the aim to provide a ladder of opportunity for young people with talent (or potential) and to develop their dance skills with leading choreographers and other artist. With different projects on the horizon they aim to build a solid dance community in and around Nottingham. Enabling artist to seek themselves as individuals or companies, strive for what they have always wanted to do, and allow them to experience and succeed in projects they only dreamed of: Working with different individuals for different projects we feel this brings out the hidden talent for all to see and explore as well as an audience to experience.

Rebekah Roberts, artistic director of NuProjeks, is originally from Nottingham and relocated to London to pursue her dream as a commercial dancer, travelling between London and Los Angeles regularly training and working with top choreographers in the commercial world, later to find her love lied in the underground hip hop scene, battling grounds and creativity of contemporary improvisation.

Having such a diverse influence and having the opportunity to work under top dance world  choreographers and directors such as Kenrick Sandy (Boy Blue), Tony Adigun (Avant Garde), Elite Force's Mop Top and when taking under the free styling wing of Ivan Blackstock (Birdgang) Rebekah grew in depth to explore improvisation and creativity.

After four years, she heads back to Nottingham, with the aim to provide a similar ladder of opportunities for individuals with talent, and those with potential to grow, train and explore.

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Nuprojeks Dance Presents: Jux.ReaL


Breakin' Convention 2012 (Birmingham Hippodrome)