Old Men Grooving (UK)

Old Men Grooving, also known as OMG, are finalists from the 2015 season of Britain's Got Talent. The five-man group has garnered over 39 million views on YouTube from their original audition. The audition video actually has over 250 million views worldwide on various channels. 

The group formed in 2014 in response to an ad from Sainsbury's, which was looking for dancers for a television commercial for its Christmas jumpers. Old Men Grooving then auditioned for Britain's Got Talent and received four "yes" votes from their audition, with Simon Cowell commenting: "A lot of dance acts I get bored rigid by, but I could watch you guys all night." 

"We have a passion for performing," said a spokesperson for Old Men Grooving Entertainment. The group have gone on to perform around the world and are continually asked to make various television appearances in the UK and Europe. 

"We believe we can bring happiness to countless people through our dance and entertainment shows. We're making dad dancing cool, whether you approve or not!"

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