P (UK)

P is originally from Omagh, Northern Ireland and is the founder member of Bad Taste Cru. Now based in Newcastle Upon Tyne he has been b-boying for 14 years and with his crew has a number of titles and accolades under his belt including UK B-Boy Champs 2006, BOTY UK 2008, B-Boy Unit 2008, Regional Conflict North 2009, Evolution UK 2010, Tear it Up Champions 2012 and many more. 

P continues to battle and also perform with Bad Taste Cru and has toured the world doing hip hop theatre performances in USA, Brazil, France, Portugal, Irealand, as well as national tours of Bad Taste Cru's distinctive style of b-boy theatre. Passionate about developing the community and scene, he is part of the Just Jam Intl team which is an internationally respected bboy event held annually every year in Newcastle which is another element of Bad Taste Cru's portfolio of work. 

Not only a performer/b-boy, P also runs a junior b-boy/b-girl crew called Custo Breaks based at the Customs House South Shields. He strongly believes in teaching and nurturing the future of the b-boy and hip hop scene with community work, teaching and embedding the true values of hip hop culture. 

P is also a keen graffiti artist representing TNS crew, avid toy collector, cat lover, and sneaker head and has an interest in all things weird and wonderful.