Paul "LaceMaster" Spencer (UK)

Paul "LaceMaster" Spencer has been involved in hip hop culture since it started in the old school era of 1983, influenced by the early media streams of hip hop culture on TV and radio. 

One of the founding members of the b-boy crew Second To None which formed in 1985, he had some great times before leaving in 1989 until getting back into the b-boy scene some 10 years later after meeting up with the rest of the guys from Second To None and re-kindling the old flames after their amazing success (they're the only two-time winners of the UK B-Boy Championships). 

Now a husband, father, brother, b-boy, artist, photographer, host, trustee and now rep. Lacemaster also works for Bournemouth Council as a Survey Officer. 

Hosting a number of breaking events over the past eight years he is the resident host of Bournemouth’s hip hop jam, Vile Style, which started in 1987. 2014 will be will be the 10th Vile Style, a now international breaking jam and competition supported by our local hip hop charity All Elements, Second To None and Pavilion Dance. 
"It's not what I have said, but what I have done, that defines me."
- Lacemaster