Project Soul (South Korea)

The Project Soul Collective, also known as Project Korea, is an all-star cast and group made up of the top Korean b-boys and artists. The group was first put together in 2002 by the Cartel Creative B-Boy Agency, in order to showcase to the world the incredible skills and talent of Korean b-boys. Project Soul quickly became world champions and rose to superstardom throughout the worldwide b-boying community.

Part of the mission was to give unknown talented b-boys and crews a chance to get their names out to the world. As this was accomplished, many of the members were able to take their own original crews to win world championships.

Today, Project Soul still comes together when needed under the management and direction of Cartel Creative.

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Breakin' Convention at the Apollo Theatre Harlem


Breakin' Convention 2013


Breakin' Convention 2008