Recal (Holland)

Daniël RECAL Oosterman is one of the Netherland’s most collectible contemporary artists. His mastery of a wide range of artistic techniques and fluency in blending different styles make him exceptional, both as an artist and as a creative project coordinator for major brands worldwide.Works made by Daniël’s hand often turn out heavily loaded with emotion: love, anger, sadness, and romance feature often in his paintings. Hope is there too, and though some images are light-hearted, none are meaningless.

Beginning as a graffiti artist in the early 90s Daniël worked under the name RECAL, or RECALONE, and lived in a suburb on the outskirts of Amsterdam. At 16, despite counting graffiti and street art as his most major influences, he was stimulated at home to paint on canvas.

This was not intended as a replacement for painting outdoors, but to show him the potential for making his art on something that could be kept. In this way his work could also reach different audiences and gain wider appreciation than only the credit he received from the ‘street’.

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