Rhythmic Jokers (UK)

The Rhythmic Jokers are an explosive, unpredictable blend of urban dance styles and theatricality.

Age between 8-14 they were formed November 30th 2012 still a very young clan new to the dance world. Although they're new, their tremendous passion and hunger for dance is second to none and has aided in their quick recognition in the dance circuit. Now famous for their unique theatrical and daring style the jokers do not follow the street dance guidelines that most crews share.
The Rhythmic Jokers stand individual, fresh, innovative and different; its because of this they now embark on a long exciting journey to the top. Pierre the choreographer and visionary of the jokers knows how important standing out is. Not being afraid to be different. How its about patience and staying loyal to your original concepts. Your day will then come.
Because of them creating their own path they will learn, grow, and truly become beacons of light to all who inspire to be like them. The Rhythmic Jokers live by their own motto: Passion is power.

Rhythmic Jokers are one of six Dancedaze dance crews. Dancedaze was created by Rich Hawke, a UK and international fitness presenter in 2006. Since then it has grown into a thriving hip hop company with eight dance crews competing around the UK offering after school clubs, PE lessons, holiday camps and 1-2-1 lessons.