Sam Amos (TrashDollys)

Sam's roots lay in Hip Hop, discovering Breaking in 1999. Unlike most dancers from a Hip Hop background, Sam's training began in theatre, developing his skills through 2 Faced Dance Company from 2001 - 2006. Gaining a vast amount of performance experience at a young age, Sam took on an unlikely approach to Breaking, with additional interests in Contemporary Dance and different theatrical disciplines, lines that genre created began to disappear, and as a result developed his distinctive movement style that he is known for today. Sam went on to take part in training schemes at Circus Space, and worked with Champloo Dance Company before he began to experiment with his own ideas, which lead onto his interest in film-making, creating numerous short dance films fed his on-going passion for creating his own work, which shortly led to forming TrashDollys in 2011. 

The artistic style and direction of TrashDollys began with a practical research process conducted between Sam and Holly Durant. TrashDollys was born out of collaborative process between Sam, Holly Durant, Daniel Martin and counter tenor vocalist Ian Shenstone in 2011; the outcome of this investigative process was presented in the company's first work ChamosWokeUpATrashDolly, which was described as unique, unpredictable and inspiring by BreakingNews. TrashDollys gained recognition for their imaginative work and skilful way of manipulating different dance forms, drawing on their distinctive choreographic style with Breaking and Contemporary Dance at its core.

Building a portfolio of short works, highlighted performances have taken place at the Lilian Baylis at Sadlers Wells, Lucent Danstheater, Barbican Theatre, Bristol Old Vic, DanceCity, Brussels Art University, Plymouth Theatre Royal, Bikeshed Theatre and Wells Cathedral. Additionally, Sam's dance films have been screened both nationally and internationally at events such as Oklahoma Dance Film Festival, Third Coast Film Festival, DMJ Festival, MediaCityUK, Pivotal, OnTheWire, Leamington Underground Cinema amongst many others.

Twitter: @trashdollysdt 
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