Serial Stepperz (France)

Serial Stepperz is a dance group founded in 2007 by Babson and Yugson of the legendary group Wanted Posse (2001 Battle of the Year World Champions)

Serial Stepperz is a project which brings together two generations of dancers, the generation middle school, with Yugson and Babson of Wanted Posse, Physs of Pro Phenomen, Tip Top and El Fonky Juice of O Posse, and new school: Kapela, K, Mamson, Malcom, Neo, Serge and Mogway.

The balance between maturity and spirit of the old youth group has enabled the Serial Stepperz Crew to access a global prize list of the best in terms of battles: Numerous Juste Debout titles, House Dance 2011, House Dance International and Summer Dance For Ever 2011, House Dance International, Bust A Move and Summer Dance Forever.

Based on today's choreographic and scenic experience of old, the group is currently working on a show based on the diversity of cultural influences of each dancer: inspired African social dances, breaking, house dance; and the pure energy of clubbing.

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Club 2 Classroom II with Babson and Kapela (Serial Stepperz)