SIN Cru (UK)

Hailing from Cambridge, SIN Cru are well known on the UK Hip Hop dance scene. As a crew, they frequently battle in competitions in both the UK and abroad.

SIN Cru reflect the whole culture of Hip Hop using DJing, B-Boying and graffiti art professionally and through a large outreach programme.

SIN Cru Theatre is the hip hop arts organisation, SIN Cru's professional touring company. The company have received international acclaim for it's narrative-led physical dance theatre work, since 2000.  As standard, SIN Cru Theatre devise work generated from the real and personal to create emotive and thought provoking commentaries on life.

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Artist's events


SIN Cru: 7,295 Silent Steps Summer Show 2015


SIN Cru's Get2Know Show


SIN Cru's SINstitute of Hip Hop Arts 2014