Soul Footwork (UK)

Soul Footwork was founded by Sonja Cimelli and Laura Hansford in 2012 to help promote the UK urban dance scene through street dance events, workshops and using dance as a platform to provide opportunities in creative media including filming, photography, event management and clothing design. 

Soul Footwork's dance agency launched in December 2014 with clients including Topman and Adidas. Soul Footwork has collaborated with UK and international artists including Caleaf Sellers (MOP TOP/Dance Fusion), King Charles (Chicago Footworkingz), Lil Gbb, Serial Stepperz and Wanted Posse to build networks with dance communities across the world.  

They have provided unique training opportunities for British dancers in the UK and abroad through their sponsorship programme. In 2014 this was expanded to create the Soul Footwork Collective, bringing together eight dancers from the UK. 


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Breakin' Convention 2015