Storyboard P (USA)

My style is Mutant.

As a mutant my power is to project a sequence of images through my body that tells an elaborate story to music. The power to storyboard / ballet / jazz / African / contemporary / bruk up / flex / boogaloo.

My earliest inspirations were stop motion films. And watching the locals get down in Brooklyn. My vision was to bring the golden age of motion picture to the streets. So I concluded that it starts with me.

And, so I aimed to conceptualise all of my earliest street dance battles into theatrical style productions with movie scores and theatrical music. And, as the round began I became this Ray Harryhausen / Tim Burton style creature, but only dancing to music. This was my illusion and my goal was to epitomise this presentation.

And, so now im bringing my set to Breakin' Convention because my process and delivery is far from conventional.

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Sadler's Wells Sampled 2013


Breakin' Convention 2012 (Sadler's Wells)