Tha En4cers

Breakin’ Convention’s resident DJs and Hip Hop Legends Tha En4cers will be on turntable duties in the foyers spinning classic b-boy breaks so you can throw down and get involved in the action!

DJ Pogo’s first introduction to DJing was to the likes of Grandmaster Theodore. Now one of the UK’s most prolific Hip Hop DJs and an icon within the UK’s urban music scene DJ Pogo is an inspiration to Hip Hop followers across the globe; DJ Cutmaster Swift’s early role in DJing led him to full recognition throughout the world as well as the UK’s underground Hip Hop scene; DJ Billy Bizznizz has lead in his field as a UK DJ, producer, composer and performer since early 1980. Collectively they form Tha En4cers.

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Breakin' Convention 2013


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