TrashDollys Dance Company (UK)

TrashDollys are expressive and dynamic performers who see theatre as a playground for building atmospheric worlds for audiences, with an emphasis on using an untypical blend of dance and theatre forms to create visually striking and captivating work. TrashDollys hold no barriers between Breaking, Contemporary based movement and characterization, forging their own distinctive and recognizable style through their fantastical and imaginative interpretations of both personal and general subjects.

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Sam Amos - Artistic Director and Choreographer
Sam Amos is the artistic director and choreographer of TrashDollys Dance Theatre. He was introduced to dancing in the remote area of Hereford, UK – interpretation of outside influences was the key to his progression as both a dancer and performer. From a young age, opportunities arose to perform across the UK and overseas, these defining experiences in Sam’s career lead to discovering his own movement and performance language. Sam’s foundation and techniques lie within Breaking, with a strong Contemporary and Physical Theatre influence - he is known for being one of few dancers with the ability to sew together Breaking and Contemporary seamlessly, resulting in his own very distinctive, expressive and dynamic movement style. Sam has previously worked with companies and artists such as 2 Faced Dance Company, Champloo Dance Company, Robby Graham and Shobana Jeyasingh amongst others. Through TrashDollys, Sam aims to push creative and physical boundaries of his respective forms, developing a portfolio of unique work within both live performance and film.

Alex Rowland - Dancer and Creative Collaborator
Alex was introduced to dance through his background of Bboying, he was introduced to Contemporary Dance through joining 2 Faced Dance Company in Hereford, UK. Graduating from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, after completing a foundation, BPA (hons) in Contemporary Dance, and completing a Postgraduate diploma course performing with the touring graduate company, Verve. He has worked with Champloo, Company Decalage, Being Frank Physical Theatre, Brightfurnace and TrashDollys Dance Theatre.

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Barely Methodical Troupe / Whittman Dance Company / TrashDollys Dance Theatre (Resolution 2014 at The Place)


Pivotal 2013: Professional Dance Expo


Breakin' Convention 2013