Xena Productions Presents Rockabeat (UK)

Xena first started breaking in 2005 in Liverpool where she trained at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and created the company Xena Productions. With Xena Productions she creates various works in Hip Hop theatre whilst continuing with her interest in breaking.

Since travelling to LA in 2010 she met Richie Rich, Tony Basil and Anthony Thomas, some of the biggest originators in locking. On her return to Scotland she decided to make a locking crew with some fellow dancers in an attempt to help build the locking scene in Scotland and to share her skills and passion for funk!

RockaBeat was born in 2011 and since has been growing strong and developed quickly, forever training and travelling to jams and practice sessions and being recognized as a funk style crew.

Artist's events


Breakin' Rules 2014 at Dundee Rep


Breakin Rules 2013


Open Art Surgery - Edinburgh (Dance Base)