Zamounda (France)

The Zamounda Crew is an all female dance group, consisting of six dancers from different backgrounds.

Manuela, Sarah Bee, Alfréda, Aminata, Deydey and Antoinette are all active and recognised figures of the hip hop world. They have won several titles such as UK B-Boy Championships, Battle of the Year, Funkinstylez, Juste Debout and many more.

They bring together their different experiences and knowledge : Old school hip hop and new school hip hop (breaking, popping, new style, locking, house, waacking...), modern jazz, African dance, contemporary dance, in order to create a positive synergy.

Bringing hip hop dance to it's highest level, to motivate and inspire others, is the purpose of Zamounda.

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San Francisco International Hip Hop Dancefest 2014


Freedom of Dance Festival 2014 (Sweden)


Notorious IBE 2013 (Holland)