Back to the Lab

Breakin’ Convention offers established Hip Hop choreographers a unique opportunity to go Back To The Lab. Participants will work with Jonzi D and one other dance or theatre heavyweight over two exciting weeks of learning, experimenting and devising.

If you're interested in applying, submissions for our 2016 Back to the Lab course are now open!

Aimed at experienced choreographers, the course is designed at exploring new ways of approaching choreography, direction and staging. We aim to give you the means to approach your work from fresh and new angles without losing the essence of what you do.  Breakin’ Convention is committed to the elevation of the UK’s Hip Hop dance theatre and believe this is a valuable opportunity for even the most accomplished choreographer to go Back To The Lab!

Split over two weeks, you will spend the first week workshopping a variety of choreographic methods, through both practical and discussion-based lessons. You will be challenged to try and work in different ways and gain new choreographic tools. During the second week you will put into practise your new-found learning and devise a new work which will be shared informally.

As part of the course you will also attend various dance productions and discuss the merits of each show.

Back To The Lab aims to give a high quality training opportunity for Hip Hop choreographers who are keen to expand their choreographic skill base. Choreographers are selected by invitation only, participating in Open Art Surgery or applying to perform at Breakin' Convention Festival or Tour will greatly increase your chances of being invited. 

Watch a mini-documentary on our first ever Back to the Lab course with Jasmin Vardimon which took place in 2011

Watch a mini-documentary of our second Back to the Lab course with Shobana Jeyasingh which took place in 2013

Watch a mini documentary about our third Back to the Lab with Jonathan Burrows which took place in 2014 

Watch a mini documentary on our most recent Back to the Lab (2015) with Jonzi D and Jonathan Burrows

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