Breakin' Convention Presents: Open Art Surgery Toronto 2017 at Harbourfront Centre

Saturday, 18 March, 2017

Produced by Harbourfront Centre and Breakin’ Convention

Open Art Surgery invites you to delve into the mind and souls of some of Canada’s finest Hip Hop artists as they dare to try something new, dangerous and exciting!

Artistic Director: Jonzi D Mentor: Crazy Smooth

Venue: Fleck Dance Theatre 207 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A7


SmoothCrazy Smooth (Mentor)

Dancing since 1997, Crazy Smooth is one of Canada’s top street dancers, performers, choreographers, instructors, judges, and community leaders. He is the founder and artistic director of Bboyizm, an award-winning street-dance company that has been instrumental in the preservation and proliferation of street dance in Canada and internationally.
Karyin Qiu (KQIU)Karyin Qiu (KQIU)

Karyin is from Whitehorse, Yukon and is studying Commercial Dance at George Brown College, training in jazz, ballet, urban styles, musical theatre, acting and singing.
Lady CLady C

Caroline ‘Lady C’ Fraser is well versed in multiple street styles and has travelled the world gaining accolades in each one. She has earned her stripes in the Battle circuit as well as in performance and teaching of these various forms.

Deanne “Dee” Kearney is an alumni of KeepRockinYou’s Toronto B-Girl Movement. Currently she is attending York University for an MA in dance, studying the Canadian krump community. Kearney is the creator and producer of “BreakinGround” which produces urban dance theatre shows in Toronto.

Coming from a diverse background of dance training and styles, Gabriela is an emerging dancer from Mississauga and now based in Montréal, who is continuously pushing her freestyle and artistry.
Rabi B.Rabi B.

Rabi B. is a multi-disciplinary street dancer with a background in Hip-Hop/Breaking, House and Krump. She is currently focusing on strengthening, elevating and representing her B-Girl skills.
Tyrell BlackTyrell Black

Tyrell Black is a professional performing artist and youth artist educator. He specializes in the styles of Popping & Hip-Hop.
Bboy AnyoBboy Anyo

Jerick Collantes aka Bboy Anyo, has been dancing for about 7 years. He has learned many different dance styles such as house, popping, locking, hiphop choreography, hustle, but has been breaking a lot more than the other styles. He used to live in Ottawa, where he started breaking, and after his first year of college he decided to move to Toronto, to pursue dance and photography.

As a lover of music and movement, Judy is a dancer before any specific style. Creative movement is her release of expression.

Sami has been an active member of the street dance community since he started Breaking in 2001. He began teaching himself, later attending classes taught by The Canadian Floor Masters. He has traveled all over Canada teaching, performing, and battling with his group, The BreadCrumbs Crew. In 2011 he founded Ottawa’s Only Street Dance Studio; The Flava Factory, where he provides opportunities to other urban artists. He is also the dance director for Canada’s largest 4 elements Hip Hop Festival, House of PainT. Sami continues to push himself both creatively and professionally, while staying committed to helping his community grow.

Proudly repping Hamilton (Steel City), but now residing in Toronto, Redge is a passionate community-based artist and popular educator who enjoys travelling across cities with her headphones on, getting lost in loud speakers, and reaching a meditative state through movement. She aspires to continue to unpack her personal story, unravel pain wrapped up inside her body, and share pieces of this with the world.

Eric is a breaker and acrobat with a range of movement backgrounds. He is highly collaborative in his creative processes and especially looks for ways to cross disciplinary boundaries. Right now he is interested in ways of integrating concepts and movements from hip hop, circus, and contact improvisation.

Dance is her life. Her goal as a dancer is to make music look the way it sounds.
Charles GaoCharles Gao

Charles Gao has been breaking for the past eight years. Since his humble beginnings with the Queen’s Recreational Breakdance Club in Kingston, Ontario, he has taken his dance across the world to gain a greater understanding of the dance form and share his experiences with others.
PleasantNathan Joel Lenet aka Pleasant

Pleasant is an underground Hip-Hop emcee hailing from Calgary, Canada, who began his journey in rap, freestyle, and spoken word in 1998. He has honed a style that draws upon the roots of Hip-Hop Rap performance, namely, the delivery of soul-filled rhythms with instinctive poetry.

GM Cabarroguis known as “Gomo” started breaking in 2006. Gomo has competed in big events and toured shows all across North America such as Outbreak Florida, Break Free Houston, Freestyle Session California and invited to compete in RedBull Bc One Canada Cypher.

Jacqueline Melindy grew up in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador and moved to Toronto to pursue a Dance degree at York University. She is also a member of the Toronto B-girl Movement Alumni.
Andy B BadAndy B Bad (DJ)

With over 14 years of experience in the music industry, DJ Andy B Bad began his career on the turntables in early 2010. He quickly became a crowd favourite and scored first Canadian DJ to spin at IBE and became the DJ of choice for bboy events in Toronto. Born in Edmonton, and raised in Toronto, DJ Andy B Bad spent over a decade in the Canadian dance industry as a b-boy.

Three years ago Ma’ayan decided to play in the big girl league and took upon her to practice bgirlism. She hopes to become the best she can and transcend her love and passion for it to everyone around her.
CaerinaCaerina aka Stitches

Caerina is a b-girl from Vaughan who has been dancing for about five years now. She is a part of Original Ruckus Crew, a member of the Toronto B-girl Movement and is a unity artist for Unity Charity. She is currently studying illustration at OCAD University.

A diverse, emerging dance artist with a specialization in ballet and modern through her BFA in Dance that has manifested into her practice of street styles including hip hop, house, and popping.