Breakin' Convention 2017 UK Tour: Edinburgh - Fri 5 & Sat 6 May 2017

Breakin' Convention is the UK's festival of hip hop dance theatre, presenting dance by companies and crews from around the world and around the corner. Our 2017 festival includes live performances from top hip hop dance crews including Soweto Skeleton Movers (South Africa) and Tentacle Tribe (Canada) and Just Dance (South Korea).


Plus local acts, DJs, graffiti art, workshops, freestyling and much more makes Breakin' Convention more than just a show - it's an experience! 

With these incredible local crews!

Friday 5 May: #1 Blud, Minijackers Youth Company, AKO, Shelltoe Mel
Saturday 6 May: BKS Academy, B-Bairns Crew, The Dimestop, Urban Moves Dance Company

Getting there 

Venue: Festival Theatre Edinburgh, 13/29 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 9FT