Breakin' Convention 2017 Workshops - Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 April

Take a workshop with the artists performing at Breakin' Convention! 

Workshops are open to everyone, including non ticket-holders for Breakin' Convention. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from the incredible Breakin' Convention 2017 artists!

All workshops cost just £10. Transaction fee applies: £1 for online and concessionary bookings. No charge in person at Ticket Office.

General workshops will be open to everyone over the age of 12. Intermediate workshops will be suitable for those with a solid understanding and at least 2 years experience in the style. Please note: Parents / guardians will not be admitted to workshops.

Click here to book workshops or call ticket office on 0207 863 8000

Locking with Antoinette Gomis (France) - General

12.15pm-1.45pm - Saturday 29 April
Antoinette is a member of Zamounda and one of France’s leading hip hop and street dancers. Easily one of the funkiest lockers in Europe, come and enjoy a funky good time with one of France’s best workshop leaders.

Pantsula with Soweto Skeleton Movers (South Africa) - General

12.15pm-1.45pm - Saturday 29 April
In Soweto in the 1950s, commuters developed a dance style known as isparapara inspired by their jumping on and off of moving trains. This was mixed with tap dance and later became known as Pantsula. More than a dance, Pantsula is a lifestyle. Influences can be seen in jazz, breaking, popping, house and bone breaking. The first half will focus on footwork and body movement and the second half will focus on the spoti (similar to the bucket hat) and a range of tricks and movements using the hat. A rare opportunity to learn Pantsula from some of South Africa’s leading practitioners in their first ever UK workshop.

Power of Adaption with Redo (Netherlands) - Intermediate

12.15pm - 1.45pm - Saturday 29 April
Exploring techniques of how to challenge creativity and listening to your own body using breaking as a foundation to work from.

Redo’s dance style is described as smooth, dynamic, and energetic; including a lot of slides, spins, freezes and blow-ups, all of which is perform313ed with his own original twist. Redo likes to describe his style as always being under construction – come and build on his foundations that will challenge your body to the max!

Breaking with Cheerito (Russia) - General 

2pm-3.30pm - Saturday 29 April
Cheerito is a b-boy straight from the Siberian underground and member of Illusion of Exist. He is a major force on the b-boy battle scene, with numerous major international titles to his name.
This will be a workshop on working and building on the fundamentals of breaking, focusing on footwork and concepts of creativity.

Popping with Geni Lou and PAX (Canada) - General 

2pm-3.30pm - Saturday 29 April

Geni Lou & PAX will be going over popping basics and techniques leading creative and improvisational exercises in order to help the participants develop their ability to express themselves through dance.

Nefeli sMash (Project Breakalign) - Breaking Conditioning in association with Dance UK - General

10.30am - 12pm - Sunday 30 April

This workshop is a necessary tool for all dancers, especially those involved within the hip-hop styles and breaking. The Breakalign Method has been created by Project Breakalign team, comprised of bboys/bgirls who also specialise in physiotherapy, medicine, sports science, dance science and exercise prescription. This workshop provides a dance-specific way of getting fitter through conditioning, by educating dancers on ways to prevent injury and understand the body functions during exercise. The methodology is based on a biomechanical and physiological analysis of Breaking, but it is not a breaking class, it is a conditioning workout methodology. It teaches specific training principles needed to train smarter, with or without a coach. 
The creation of the Breakalign Method was funded by the Centre National de la Danse in France in 2015.

This workshop is for all levels and experiences, from beginner to professional.

House with Yugson (France) - General - CANCELLED

12.15pm-1.45pm - Sunday 30 April

Yugson is a member of Paris-based dance collective DC Vortex and house dance legend of Wanted Posse. 
Dancer, choreographer and DJ, he's a key player in the underground hip hop scene. Expect footwork, technique and rhythm set to a soundtrack of the finest selection of house music. 
If you booked a workshop with Yugson, please get in contact with ticket office on 0207 863 8000 to discuss an alternative workshop or a refund.

Movement with Spoken Word/Creative Writing - Tom Tsai (USA) General

12.15pm-1.45pm - Sunday 30 April
Tom is part of Taiwanese-American hip hop crew Section 7 and sources from his training in breaking, modern and postmodern dance and his multicultural Taiwanese-American background.

This workshop will focus on the different strategies of creating movement out of writing, using writing as a compositional tool and drawing from personal experiences and storytelling.

Experimental with Tentacle Tribe (Canada) - Intermediate

12.15pm-1.45pm - Sunday 30 April
Elon and Emmanuelle are founders of Tentacle Tribe. Through years of experience as professional dancers they have developed a unique approach to dance by fusing diverse movement philosophies from a wide variety of techniques.

In this workshop, they will draw concepts from different street styles such as popping and breaking from a contemporary viewpoint to expand your vocabulary with an increased level of body awareness and movement consciousness. Through geometrical shapes they will explore the capacity for the human body to inhabit multiple planes of space in solo and duet work.

Waacking with Antoinette (France) - General  

2pm-3.30pm - Sunday 30 April
Antoinette is a member of Zamounda and one of France’s leading hip hop and street dancers. Waacking grew out of LA's 1970s disco scene. Come and learn basics from one of Europe's finest and put your inner disco diva to WERK.

Top Rock, B-Bop with Ducky (South Korea) - General 

2pm-3.30pm - Sunday 30 April
With a career spanning over 20 years, Ducky of Drifterz Crew is one of the b-boys credited for putting South Korea on the map. Known for his musicality and top rock, Ducky will explore top rock steps as well as bebop (from the jazz family) which has heavily influenced his movement style. A great lesson on how to draw influence from other styles without losing the essence.