Graffiti pre dates Hip Hop by many thousands of years with the earliest examples cited as prehistoric cave paintings. It’s association and eventual integration with Hip Hop culture stems from writers such as Cornbread, Taki183 and Joe 136 who would ‘tag’ their names all over their cities in an attempt to get fame and have their name recognised far and wide. It became particularly popular to tag trains and subways as this allowed their name to travel, like a moving billboard.

As the popularity of tagging gained and in order to stand out, writers developed the stylisation of their tags incorporating more elaborate writing styles, basic illustrations and eventually writing in much larger scale. Many different styles developed with block lettering, 3D, bubble, wildstyle and more complex characters incorporated.  It wasn’t long until these street artists were invited to exhibit in galleries in New York, Rome, Paris and London.

With some of the UK’s finest graffiti artists on our team, we can teach you to design your own tag, develop sketching and lettering styles, create t-shirts and caps, learn aerosol skills to create larger pieces on canvasses, right through to creating a huge custom piece for your school, college or organisation.

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