June 2012

Future Elements: The Influence music video

Future Elements - The Influence

Something is amiss at a mysterious Club Eden full of ghouls and freaks - don't end up under The Influence!

Hip Hop On Trial debate: It Isn't A Problem

Hip Hop On Trial

Whoever said Hip Hop is a problem isn't part of the solution!

Open Art Surgery Newcastle

Open Art Surgery Newcastle

Newcastle! Jonzi D is coming to dissect your hip hop theatre this July! Book an appointment with the doctor for 7 July!

PT3000 feat Demons of the Mind interview

PT3000 featuring Demons of the Mind interview

Not much is known about the dance style of 'strutting' - learn about it from this collective of San Francisco dancers

Tony Adigun interview

Tony Adigun interview

An avant garde look at Tony Adigun, the creative mind behind AG, baby!

Boadicea Crew interview

Boadicea Crew Interview

Boadicea: A collective of fierce female dancers that are the kink in what is known as this male-orientated realm of hip hop dance

Ivan Blackstock interview

Ivan Blackstock interview

Interview with an original Bird kid, Ivan Blackstock talks about hip hop theatre and his festival commission, Reverie

Kenrick Sandy Interview

Kenrick Sandy Interview

Kenrick 'H2O' Sandy - Boy Blue Entertainment co found and Olympic opening ceremony choreographer - Interview

Vagabond Crew interview with BBoy Mounir

Vagabond Crew interview with BBoy Mounir

Mounir Biba, part of world b-boy champions Vagabond Crew breaks it down to Hakeem Onibudo and DJ Sarah Love

ILL-Abilities interview

ILL Abilities interview

ILL-Abilities joined Jonzi D on the Breakin' Convention couch over the weekend of the festival as part of our live stream on The Space

Watch Breakin' Convention 2012 videos

Watch Breakin' Convention 2012 videos

Online. On you computer. On your phone. On demand. On YouTube! Check out videos from this year's festival!

Breakin Convention 2012 reviews rock!

Breakin Convention 2012 reviews

The reviews are in… and they're raving! PLUS check out the London vox pops!

ILL-Abilities Breakin Convention tour video

ILL-Abilities wrap up their Breakin Convention tour

ILL-Abilities documented their stay in the UK while performing and travelling from London to Birmingham! Watch here!