Post date: 20 February 2013

Dance Currents is East London Dance's season of eclectic dance and will see the return of the likes of Blueprint, Collabo and the more recent New Movementz under 18s battles to Stratford Circus and other East London venues with a host of other new and exciting shows to see throughout March and June.

Which of these great shows will you be checking? Click any of the shows higlighed in bold to see them on our events calendar!

Kicking off the season will be Hackney Live: Dance, one of two free live online TV shows broadcasting on Tuesday 26 February from, curated by Tony Adigun of Avant Garde Dance and hosted by Ricky Norwood and will involve a live choreographic challenge from those watching online.

ICON on Friday 15 March will see Myself Dance Company presenting a show celebrating International Women's Week. Invited artists have been invited to create work inspired by a female icon of their choice and the event will promote female choreography and dancers and will also acknowledge the achievements of females within the dance world.

The finest up and coming choreographers will be celebrated at Blueprint on Saturday 23 March following the annual Blueprint Bursary Fund and will include special guest Cathy Waller, the 2012 winner. The full line up is yet to be announced, but Blueprint always sets the bar high each year presenting proving East London is a haven for aspiring young dance talent.

Following January's Show n Prove at the Broadway Barking Tony Adigun's Collabo on Thursday 11, Friday 12 and Saturday 13 will see companies and crews, dancers and DJs, choreographers and producers and every other combination of talent matched and mismatched to create fresh new work or interpret specially commissioned piece of music.

If ever there was a show that took choreographers out of their comfort zone and encourage collaboration with unlikely people, this would be it.

As part of its 2013 UK tour Out Of His Skin presented by 2Faced Dance passes through Stratford on Wednesday 17 April and tells the story of a man headed out into the world on a journey of self discovery… It's part of a much wider tour, including a stop at The Place in Euston in February too, though more suited to those who weren't quick enough to book first time round.

Fresh blood from East will be throwing down again at the New Movementz Under 18s battles on Saturday 27 April before the action moves away from Stratford Circus temporarily for Avant Garde Dance and the Early Opera Company will combine the music of Monteverdi in a site specific piece at Village Underground on Monday 17 June for Monteverdi Ballet.

Finally the season draws to a close with Varmints on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 June from Travelling Light, the people behind Christmas' Boing! B-Boy Wilkie Branson (Champloo Dance Company) and directed by children's theatre specialist Sally Cookson.

An East London Dance, Sadler’s Wells and Stratford Circus Production, Varmints will be at Sadler's Wells on 17 and 18 May if you want to catch it early!

If you're hitting these up, drop a comment in the box below and let us know which shows you recommend!

Post date: 15 February 2013

Throwdown is tying up as the event's organiser and host, Charlie Morley aka Charlie Blue is to focus on a career in teaching lucid dreaming which has been progressing at a rapid rate after a six month intensive at a Tibetan Bhuddist retreat. While continuing an event which has run on for so long.

It was announced last summer that there would be 10 more Throwdown events until the event winds up in May 2013 - presently we can now count down the last few events on one hand before its iconic lino flooring is rolled up for good.

"Ten years is a long time to commit to any one project and although Throwdown is still alive and kicking we would much rather wrap it up while its flame is still blazing bright than allow it to fizzle out gradually, as often happens with other events," read the May 2012 Throwdown newsletter.

Since its inception in 2004 Throwdown has hosted numerous battles with appearances from the world's most renowned bboys, staged qualifiers for Alien Ness' Octogon battles and published books and released DVDs under the imprints of Throwdown Books and Throwdown films, and with the backing of their sponsors Eastpak taken the event to Spain, Finland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, USA, Austria, France and even the London outskirt of Kingston upon Thames.

Often taking place around the same time as other major hip hop events it's been ideal for hundreds of special guests to drop in, both local and international. In the past Throwdown has seen the likes of Ken Swift, Africa Bambaataa and Alien Ness all pass through, along with musical PAs from The Streets, Skinnyman and Phi Life Cipher coming to see numerous dancers claim the glory of Throwdown champion. 

It continues: "Rather than trying to hand it over to a new team while Charlie is in retreat, we’re going to pull the plug while it’s still in electrifying shape."

In its 10 years Throwdown has gained acclaim from the dance scene as well as from the press with the Guardian proclaiming "Throwdown has an electrifying vibe and it's a real scene creator!"

These last Throwdown battles include a series of "last of..." battles in every dance style until the eventual end.

Throwdown takes place at Plan B 418 Brixton Rd, London, SW9 7AY on the second Thursday of every of every month: 14 February, 14 March, 11 April and 9 May

Post date: 23 January 2013

Breakin' Convention's 10th anniversary on Saturday 4 May - Monday 6 May at Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, will include the best of a decade of Breakin' Convention festivals including the return of favourites Electric Boogaloos, Storm, Project Soul and last year's showstoppers ILL-Abilities presenting brand new work!

Prepare yourself for another incredible year of groundbreaking dance as Breakin' Convention also presents a UK premiere of the mutant stye of bone breaking from New York's flexers NextLevelSquad who will push human flexibility to the extreme, a debut of a style that will be like nothing you've ever seen before!

We also have the return of Compagnie Revolution and the introduction to Zamounda, six fierce females from France that include several faces you may recognise.

And for UK crews Monday will be the big night - to celebrate the development of hip hop dance theatre during the past decade, Breakin' Convention dedicates an entire evening of homegrown acts specially commissioned for one night only!

Avant Garde Dance
Bad Taste Cru
BirdGang Dance Company
Boy Blue Entertainment
Company Decalage
Impact Dance

This is just the UK night line up - to see the daily line up for Breakin' Convention 2013 Saturday and Sunday visit our festival section!

Plus there's even more to come! Don't miss exclusive workshops and additional acts to be announced soon - make sure you like us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter and are signed up to our newsletter for updates!

Classic acts. Brand new work. Breakin' Convention truly is 10 Years Strong. Book your tickets now!

Post date: 18 January 2013

Back To The Lab, Breakin’ Convention’s course for hip hop choreographers, returns! Following a hugely successful inaugural project, we’re back with four hand-picked choreographers and another dance theatre heavyweight to mentor and guide them through the process.

We are pleased to announce this year's Back to the Lab participants are: Anthony Bayou (Limited Edition), Kendra Horsburgh (BirdGang), Robby Graham (Bad Taste Cru) and Vicky Mantey (Boy Blue Entertainment).

Tickets for Back to the Lab are available now! Buy tickets online here!

At the end of the course each choreographer will premiere a short piece of work here at Sadler's Wells on Saturday 16 February 2013.

We are delighted to announce that Shobana Jeyasingh will be joining us as this year’s guest mentor. She commented: "Jonzi D is a remarkable artist and pioneer and I am very much looking forward to working with him in this project. Mentoring is a rewarding activity where one both gives and receives - a real leap into the unknown!"

Jonzi added: "Shobana's experience of bringing a non-European form into the theatre and making it relevant to the contemporary dance idiom is extremely valuable to us. She has been creating work for more than 25 years with a career packed with awards and critical acclaim, she brings a real quality and depth of experience."

The Daily Telegraph newspaper has said in the past: "Shobana Jeyasingh has gained a reputation as one of the most intrepid pioneers in modern dance…she is generally credited with having invented a startling new hybrid vocabulary." 

Breakin’ Convention’s Artistic Director Jonzi D says: "As all dance styles have foundations, Back To The Lab develops participant’s foundations for hip hop theatre." Having recognised a gap in training and support for experienced hip hop choreographers Back To The Lab seeks to plug that gap. Offering choreographers a unique opportunity to work with Jonzi D, other theatre aficionados, arts specialists and lighting designers there is no other course like it!

The course aims to give participants the means to approach work from fresh, new and interesting angles without losing the essence of what they do. Breakin’ Convention is committed to the elevation of UK hip hop dance theatre and believe this is a valuable opportunity for even the most accomplished choreographer to go Back To The Lab!

Follow the links for full biographies...

The Back to the Lab Mentors

The Back to the Lab Participants

Back To The Lab culminates with the chance for you to come and see four new and exclusive works from some of the UK’s brightest talents. The performance will take place on Saturday 16 February 2013. Subscribe to our newsletter, follow our tweets or like our Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss out when tickets go on sale.

Post date: 15 January 2013

Future Elements is looking for aspiring dancers, film makers, MCs, aerosol artists, music producers, costume designers and set designers aged 13-16 years. Future Elements will give you the chance to work with some of the best, most inspirational professional Hip Hop artists including Breakin' Convention's very own Jonzi D.

Future Elements has been running across summer half terms as part of Breakin' Convention since 2006, and in the last four of those years we've been offering anyone age 13-16 years to produce and star in a music video, from dancing to rapping and creating the set to producing the music in just one week.

Future Elements week is the closest thing to being on a real music video set is like!

You'll be working with some of the UK's best choreographers, musicians and film makers to make the video look professional - last year we had Ivan Blackstock and Ukweli Roach of BirdGang alongside music producer Kofi Ankrah and artwork by Mr Dane. You can watch the incredible result below!

For 2013 the music video will be premiered at Future Elements Night on Sat 9 March. As well as creating a music video you will also have the opportunity to perform at Breakin' Convention's 10th anniversary on Saturday 4 May - Monday 6 May 2013.

The best thing about it is Future Elements is FREE. To take part you must attend all of the following dates: Monday 18 February - Saturday 23 February (February half term) and Saturday 9 March (Future Elements Night)

The course will run from 10-4pm each day at Sadler's Wells Theatre, Islington.

To apply click here to visit our Future Elements page or call the Breakin' Convention office on 020 7863 8214.

The closing date for applications is 28 January 2013.

Future Elements week takes place across the following dates: Monday 18 February to Saturday 23 Feburary 2013

Post date: 14 January 2013

Yami Lofvenberg, better known as the funk style dancer Rowdy of Flowzaic and Funkamental, is on a mission to raise funds to hold a series of dance workshops in Cali, Colombia this year - and she needs your help!

She is seeking £1,600 in donations towards Project Sonrisa to hold a pilot project with La Familia Ayara, an artistic foundation in Colombia, to run workshops embracing the empowerment of hip hop at a local arts centre based in Cali.

Run completely voluntarily Rowdy will be covering the cost of the flights and seeking her own accommodation to not just teach, but also find out about her personal roots and culture. Originally from Colombia, although raised in Sweden until she moved to London 2002, Yami's goal is to work with the young locals to teach them hip hop dance techniques and "teach the teacher" so the skills can be passed down.

Funding closes on Sunday 20 January 2013 - click here to donate 

Donations towards Rowdy's cause will go towards La Familia Ayara who relies on donations and voluntary help to keep them running. 

Within that time her and her partner will hold workshops at the art centre, local community centres, and visit local orphanages to empower vulnerable youth through the essence of hip hop culture, namely dance.

La Familia Ayara's aim is to set up a program of art activities for vulnerable young people in Colombia, and to organise artistic development programmes with emerging Colombian artists, of which Rowdy will be a part of.

"I want to be a role model for young women to show them you can be successful in whatever you want to do with whatever skills you may have," said Rowdy. "I want to bring all of my skills and all of my enthusiasm to these young children, so please support Project Sonrisa and help us reach our goal"

Donations via start with pledges as little as £10 in exchange for small gifts created especially for the project including key rings, t-shirts, CDs and even a funk styles class with Rowdy in London.

This project will only be funded if at least £1,600 is pledged by 5:31PM on Sunday 20 January, 2013 - see how the project is doing below and click the image to donate a few pounds...

Post date: 07 December 2012

This weekend is the Red Bull BC One 2012 World Finals taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, one of the most elite international solo b-boy competitions with one of the most prestigious titles - and UK is representing in the form of B-Boy Sunni, who you may recognise from Breakin' Nest's appearance at Breakin' Convention 2011.

It's been a good few years since UK has represented on the Red Bull BC One world finals stage: in 2004 with Lil' Tim and later with B-Boy Mouse in 2006, coincidentally the last time the world finals were held in Brazil!

Don't forget you can watch a Red Bull BC One World Finals live stream online here!

But in that six year hiatus the youngers are coming up at an incredible pace, and Sunni of Soul Mavericks / Jukebox / Breakin' Nest is one of them. Sunni may be one of the youngest b-boys battling this weekend but he's still managed to work his way to the latter stages of nearly every major solo battle from the UK B-Boy Championships to Funkin Stylez UK and everything in between, and those that he didn't win were still character building conquests!

So is he nervous about the prospect of battling other elite b-boys this weekend while the whole world watches? Unlikely...

BBoy Sunni Red Bull BC One interview

Only two other UK b-boys have competed in the Red Bull BC One world finals - and the last time was six years ago: How important is it you represent UK at Red Bull BC One?
I am representing the UK and I'm happy to but I'm out here representing myself and my crew. I'll always have the UK on my back but I don't feel any pressure from it though.

You're up against the world's best b-boys: Have you changed the way you train to adjust yourself to an international standard and experimenting with new power or combos, or are you focusing on improving your individual strengths?
Well for Red Bull BC One, it's gone up to 3 rounds from the first round and 5 in the final so I've been doing a lot of stamina training, trying to make sure that I've got enough sets that if I do get to the final, 14 rounds all together with no tiebreakers, I have enough material. I'm just trying to find as much new content as possible.
I think everyone's trying to experiment with new power and new combos because it is the biggest competition in the world and you are trying to look your best.

Do you think there's a strategy to winning a competition like Red Bull BC One? What's yours if you have one?
Yes, I think there is. A lot of people say the first round is the most important and it gets easier from there.
For me, I think my strongest stuff will be used in my first round as its Red Bull BC One and no-one wants to go out first round, you want to get as far as you can. Strategy is going to be all guns blazing in the first round.  

Who is your biggest threat in the competition and why?
I don't know, I don't really think of it that way. It's 16 of the best B Boys in the world and no ones going to be an easy ride.
It will be a challenge to battle whoever I get.

You're one of the youngest competitors this year and you've already competed at so many big battles and either won or made the finals: After BC One what other titles are out there you could chase?
There are plenty: UK Champs, R-16, Battle of the Year.
There's a lot of underground jams, like Yalta summer jam that I want to go to, it looks like it has a great vibe and a nice culture. There's so much stuff that I want to do.

Red Bull BC One takes place on Saturday 8 December 2012

Post date: 04 December 2012

The Red Bull BC One 2012 world finals take place this weekend in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where 16 b-boys will battle to be Red Bull BC One 2012 champion in a bid to clinch the crown from last year's winner, B-Boy RoxRite, who will return to defend his title.

Red Bull BC One is arguably the most prestigious international solo b-boy battle, known for bringing together the best breakers from around the world to battle one another. Following a series of over 60 international cyphers that culminated in larger continental qualifiers (such as the Western European qualifier), BC One 2012 has been one of the biggest round up of dancers to date.

Six breakers from the Red Bull BC One 2012 international qualifiers and nine international invites join RoxRite to complete that line up.

The Red Bull BC One 2012 world finals will take place at Fundição Progresso in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Saturday 8 December at 7:50pm local time (9:50pm UK).

Like last year you can watch Red Bull BC One 2012 world finals online with Breakin’ Convention, but it's best to check time differences if you're going to watch it from elsewhere!

Watch Red Bull BC One online - 2012 finals live stream


Sit back, relax: The player will start on the day of the Red Bull BC One live stream on Saturday 8 December around 9:50pm

Red Bull BC One 2012 world finals line up

Red Bull BC One qualified b-boys
B-Boy Domkey (Lionz Of Zion / USA) - North American qualifier winner
B-Boy Klesio (New Old School / Brazil) - Latin American qualifier winner
B-Boy Lil Zoo (Lhiba KingZoo / Morocco) - Middle East/North American qualifier winner
B-Boy Mounir (Vagabond Crew/ France) - Western European qualifier winner
B-Boy Shorty Force (One Way / Korea) - Asia Pacific qualifier winner
B-Boy Slav (Art From The Heart / Bulgaria) - Eastern European qualifier winner
B-Boy RoxRite (Renegades / USA) - Defending champion

Invited b-boys
B-Boy Arex (Murderouz / Colombia)
B-Boy Sunni (Soul Mavericks / UK)
B-Boy Kid David (Renegades / USA)
B-Boy Changubis aka Vicious Vic (MF Kids / USA)
B-Boy Junior (Wanted Posse / France)
B-Boy Alkolil (Predatorz / Russia)
B-Boy Differ (T.I.P Crew / Korea)
B-Boy Issei (Foundnation / Japan)
B-Boy Hill (Unik Breakers / Mexico)

Post date: 26 November 2012

Applications for Breakin' Convention 2013, our ten year anniversary, are now open!

Over our nine years since the first festival in 2004 when Breakin' Convention first started we've had 483 companies (or 4,938 individual dancers!) perform on our stage - and you could be one of the next!

Over those years we've showcased hundreds of companies, crews and dance innovators that have left audiences audiences astounded with their energy, skill, and originality from around the world… and around the corner!

Breakin' Convention has been fundamental in being the platform for the UK's up-and-coming talent, including some of today's biggest street dance stars: Flawless, Boy Blue Entertainment and Plague have all treaded the boards once, twice, or even more than three times!

This is your chance to be part of that legacy!

There are two steps to follow: Make sure you read our submission guidelines first (dowload them here) - we don't like to prescribe what gets selected for Breakin' Convention and what doesn't, but we are looking for work that pushes hip hop dance and theatre forward!

Next, get your submissions in by Friday 14 December!

Visit the Breakin' Convention Perform section for examples of past work and an application form!

We will be inviting companies to show their work to the Breakin’ Convention team on Saturday 26 January between 12pm and 6pm and Sunday 27 January 2013 between 10am and 6pm - so pencil these dates in and keep them free!

International companies
The international line-up for this 10th anniversary festival will mainly comprise performances from past companies. However, we are still interested to hear from you.
Please contact us separately at

Post date: 25 November 2012

Getting a good night’s sleep on Christmas Eve is never easy, especially when you have a repertoire of breaking moves up your sleeve to express your excitement.

Featuring Wilkie Branson and Joel Daniel of Champloo Dance Company, the duo that brought the fantastic organic visuals of White Caps, Boing! is breaking for younger audiences mixing festive spirit and the childish excitement and anticipation from Bristol Old Vic and Travelling Light Theatre Company.

“I’m not sure there is anything in adult life that tops the excitement and anticipation of waiting for Santa as a child on Christmas Eve, and not being able to sleep is all part of it,” said Sally Cookson, director of the show. “Whatever age you are, we hope you enjoy the exuberant physicality and unrestrained energy of Boing!”

“The idea for Boing! came about during rehearsals for 2010’s Christmas show How Cold My Toes when we explored the seasons through the eyes of two young sisters,” Sally continued. “It was the first time I’d worked with Wilkie and Joel and watching them choreograph that piece made me want to work with them as performers.”

It might be a polar opposite from what you’d expect of typical b-boys, but Champloo have never stuck to a typical convention. Expect plenty of jumping on the bed and slapstick from two grown men reliving the magic of Christmas through dance - Breakin’ Convention can’t sleep the night before Christmas, and we think Boing! will get mini hip hoppers in the mood if the Christmas ballet won't quite hold their attention.

Boing! is at the Lilian Baylis Studio from Thursday 20 December 2012 to Monday 31 December 2012!

Buy tickets through Sadler's Wells!