Post date: 11 October 2012

After 10 years away from the stage as a performer Jonzi D is making a comeback! Lyrikal Fearta Redux, coming to the Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler's Wells, is two programmes of work, old and new, that’s been a decade in the making!

Lyrikal Fearta - Redux includes vintage Jonzi D pulling together old work and new faces from hip hop and dance - some of this work hasn't been seen on stage since back in the day!

Kenrick 'H2O' Sandy and Michael 'Mikey J' Asante of Boy Blue Entertainment, Lil Tim, Banxy, B-Boy  Unique and B-Boy Tuway will join Jonzi as characters in this reworkings of pieces from the past that still make honest points about injustices in society: Classroom - a piece about black history mysteries; Safe - a piece about self control and censorship performed by Kenrick Sandy, Silence da Bitchin - a graphically illustrated choreo-verse with Mikey J, Aeroplane Man - a british black man on a global quest to find ‘home,’ plus Guilty, Shoota Man and more.

This first programme will let you relive it for the nostalgia, or face the Fearta for the first time in over a decade!

The Letter and Other Works is brand new work by Jonzi D, with The Letter itself addressing Jonzi turning down an MBE on the new year’s honours list. There's no press quotes next to famous journalists' names here to sell it to you - but this is work a decade in the making that's bubbling under political pressure with rhetorical responses that's guaranteed to be as sharp, relevant and as poignant as ever!

Hip hop forms the core of both programmes, drawing out the political messages still relevant to society that you won't find on the back of any recent commercial rap LP making this one show you see at Sadler's Wells worthy of a PARENTAL ADVISORY sticker!

Forever breaking down the fourth wall of hip hop theatre the audience will be able to ask Jonzi questions on Friday 19 and Friday 26 October - FREE to ticket holders a post show talk will take place after Lyrikal Fearta - Redux and The Letter and Other Works.

Tickets for both programme are on sale now priced at £15

Telephone: 0844 412 4300 (£2.50 telephone fee)
Online: (£1.75 online fee)
In person: Sadler's Wells, Rosebery Avenue, EC1R 4TN (no charge!)

Post date: 10 October 2012

Matt Bailey (DJ Baila) and Joey D, the hip hop comedy duo that makes up Rannel Theatre Company is touring the UK with a brand new show: 2DEEP, the follow up to Flhip Flhop – Everything Happens on the Break.

Initially it was sad news that Rannel was going to call it a day on their highly acclaimed show that toured the length and breadth of the UK several times (and did Breakin’ Convention in 2008) with its comic timing, well choreographed breaking movements and hip hop in-jokes that made it appealing to all ages and all backgrounds.

Rannel’s iconic ‘sleeve dance’ routine

But as it turns out Rannel has done it again, and the laugh out loud moments that made Flhip Flhop so great has transitioned into a completely new scenario where they continue to wind each other up for the audience’s amusement.

This time Joey D and Baila are stuck inside a room, somewhere underground, at some point in the future. With nothing to do besides record their stay on a spacelog, and until help comes to rescue them they're stuck like two mismatched flatmates with a fidgety disposition.

Though it differs from Flhip Flhop's familiar surroundings of someone's living room, their futuristic location still manages to subtly slide a turntable, Casio keyboard, and a mixing board into the futuristic set allowing for some kickin' musical moments between scenes of intricate breaking, threading and card tricks in a confined space.

It's more of the same trademark stuff from the Rannel boys, but considering you never know what direction they're going to take the action in, each sketch increases in hilarity until your cheek muscles ache and your laughs dance along with the musical moments.

See ya Flhip Flhop, you were an amazing show, but now it's 2DEEP's time to shine!

2DEEP tours the UK throughout October and November 2012 - check out the dates below!


October 2012

BRISTOL Tobacco Factory (Wednesday 3rd Saturday 6th October)
Box Office: 0117 902 0344

LONDON Redbridge Drama Centre (Tuesday 9th October)
Box Office: 020 85045451

KENDAL Brewery Arts Centre (Friday 12th October)
Box Office: 01539 725 133

CANTERBURY Gulbenkian (Monday 15th October)
Box Office: 01227 769 075

EASTBOURNE College Theatre (Tuesday 16th October)

PORTSMOUTH New Theatre Royal (Wednesday 17th October)
Box Office: 01323 452255

DIDCOT cornerstone (Saturday 20th October)
Box Office: 01235 515 144

NORWICH Playhouse (Monday 22nd Wednesday 24th October)
Box Office: 01603 598 598

LONDON GREENWICH Theatre (Thursday 25th October)
Box Office: 0208 8587 755

NEATH Gwyn Hall (Friday 26th October)
Box Office: 0300 365 6677

CARDIGAN theatr Mwldan (Tuesday 30th October)
Box Office: 01239 621200

CARDIFF Wmc (Western Studio) (Wednesday 31st October)
Box Office: 029 2063 6464


TEWKESBURY Roses Theatre (Friday 2nd November)
Box Office: 01684 295 074

IPSWICH New Wolsey (Monday 5th November)
Box Office: 01473 295 900

GUILDFORD University of Surrey (Wednesday 7th)
Box Office: 01483 686 876

WIMBOURNE Layard Theatre (Wednesday 14th November)
Box Office: 01202 847 529

WOLVEHAMPTON Arena Theatre (Thursday 15th November)
Box Office: 01902 321 321

SWINDON Swindon Dance (Friday 16th Saturday 17th November)
Box Office: 01793 601 700

RUNCORN The Brindley (Thursday 22nd November)
Box Office: 0151 907 8360

BARNSLEY Civic (Friday 23rd November)
Box Office: 01226 327 000

SCARBOROUGH SJT (McCarthy Studio) (Saturday 24th November)
Box Office 01723 370 541

Post date: 05 October 2012

The b-boy battle that makes champions is back next week at Brixton Academy for its 17th year with Crazy Legs and Afrika Islam leading the proceedings as the hosts with the most (flava).

Competing at this year's UK BBoy Championships world final will be leading international b-boys, crews, poppers and hip hop dancers that will have their hearts set on the silverwear.

The UK B-Boy Championships is a career maker for breakers - last year Vagabond Crew emerged as crew world champions (you might remember them from the Breakin' Convention tour?) and the standard is as high as ever, although our French favourites won't be returning with crowd favourites Jinjo Crew, winners of R16 Korea and past UK B-Boy Champions, replacing them.

Crews aside, the world champion adventure will start on Saturday at the O2 Islington Academy in north London where solo b-boys, poppers and hip hop dancers will need to endure the knockout rounds before they can set a foot on stage in Brixton. Locking has taken a hiatus in place of hip hop battles with some Juste Debout veterans stepping up, and the eliminations will leave only the strongest dancers left for Sunday. For those that want to throw down there's also an open 7 to smoke and footwork battle occupies the second room at the Academy.

But it's Sunday is where it's going down: The solo, hip hop, popping, and the main attraction, crew battles will be punctuated with special guest appearances from The Robot Boys of (Big City Brains fame) and Danji Juniors show and Crazy Legs' unforgiving Fresh Awards for the best dressed.

UK B-Boy Championships 2012 world finals line up

This year's championships line up ain't no joke with both veterans and young guns qualified for a shot at the title...

Competing Crews
Arcopom (Spain)
Dead Prezz (Greece)
FoundNation (Japan)
Havikoro (USA)
Jinjo (Korea)
Originals (Ukraine)
Soul Mavericks (UK)
Team Shmetta (Belgium)

Hip hop
Bruce Blanchard (Belgium)
Kanon (France)
Kashmir (UK)
Kefton (France)
Laura (France)
Majid (Germany)
Marcio Ratinho (UK)
Marika (Finland)
Mufasa (France)
Stylez'C (Switzerland)

B-Boy Apache (Ukraine)
B-Boy Chakal (France)
B-Boy Flaco (Sweden)
B-Boy Hill (Mexico)
B-Boy Hoo Hoo (Finland)
B-Boy Kareem (USA)
B-Boy Morris (USA / Defending Champion)
B-Boy Moy (USA)
B-Boy Niek (Netherlands)
B-Boy Sambo (Belgium)
B-Boy Spin (UK)
B-Boy Sunni (UK)
B-Boy Tawfiq (Netherlands)
B-Boy Vicious Victor (USA)
B-Boy Yu-Seng (Switzerland)
B-Boy Yu-Ya (Japan)

Boogaloo Kin (Korea)
Brooke (UK)
Cintia (France)
Creesto (France)
Dickson (UK)
Gator (France)
Greenteck (Canada)
Jon Boogz (USA)
Kaczorex (Poland)
Marvel (UK)
Miguel (Germany)
Monsta Pop (Canada)
Ness (France)
Poppin C (Switzerland)
Ryosuke (Japan)
Sacha (France)

Tickets for the UK B-Boy Championships world finals are on sale now via TicketMaster at £15 (Saturday) and £24.50 (Sunday).

Saturday's proceedings at the O2 Islington Academy kick off at 2pm - 10pm; The world finals on Sunday from 4pm - 11pm!
See our hip hop dance calendar for ticket links!

Post date: 30 September 2012

Jon M Chu, the creator of The LXD and director of Step Up movies (from the second to present movie) is on a trailblazer at the moment.

Earlier this year Chu announced the launch of DS2DIO (pronounced 'D-Studio') as a follow up project to the massively successful LXD series online - only this time free to watch on YouTube. Billed as a dance lifestyle channel DS2DIO includes regular shows and features on dance and hosted by leading US dancers and choreographers.

Starting this week will be a new weekly series: The Arena will debut on the channel - the "ultimate b-boy battle" to test the skills of eight of America's top b-boys.

Starring Crazy Legs, Asia One and Abstrak as judges judging America's best b-boys The Arena will be hosted by Ivan "Flipz" Velez, best known to most from The LXD, and presenter Angela Sun.

The concept of The Arena will put the b-boys against one another to battle, but rather than all-out one-on-one round-by-round battles, each battle will involve a series of timed tests of skill: Footwork, power moves, and rocking, making it a battle of b-boying essence, evening the playing field where one b-boy may excel in another aspect of their dance.

Lined up is: El Nino, Floor Phantom, Gravity, Keebz, Kid David, Kid Glyde, Morris and Spee-D.

Host Ivan "Flipz" Velez explains the concept in a little more detail:

Wrapped up with the glossy appeal of a well shot LXD episode The Arena will also enlighten viewers unaware of the culture with interviews from the judges and look at what makes the b-boy dance and culture what it is today.

While Chu directs dance movies that are find their foundation in romance and a storyline, The Arena could go in any direction thanks to his expansive networks of dancers from working on Step Up, with Justin Bieber and from rounding up the LXD dancers - only this time it's gonna be war!

The Arena starts on 1 October 2012 at

Post date: 22 September 2012

On 22 September, Rotterdam's Maassilo will be the home of the battle that will decide who is Western Europe's best B-Boy. The winner will earn a place in the final of the world's most prestigious B-Boy competition, Red Bull BC One.

Watch Red Bull BC One live stream online – Western European qualifier

Note: This video has been embedded ahead of the live stream at 7.15pm UK time (8.15pm Central European time) on Saturday 22 September – before this time the video may not work when clicked or play videos on a loop – try refreshing the page closer to the broadcast or bookmark us!

Over the past few months, hundreds of B-Boys have engaged in one-on-one battles at sixty Cyphers held across the globe. They all tried to impress crowd and jury with their incomparable moves and unique style to get closer to a spot in the global Red Bull BC One final in Rio de Janeiro on 8 December.

The Dutch Cypher was held at Eindhoven's Effenaar venue on 10 June. B-Boy Xisco from Tilburg, with his exceptional moves and style, knocked the spots off all the rest. 22 September will see Xisco take on the winners of the other European Cyphers in the Western European Qualifier in Rotterdam's Maassilo. That is where Abd-l (France), Bruce Almighty (Portugal), Chey (Spain), Khalil (France), Lawson (Belgium), Mounir (France), Hatsolo (Finland), Lagaet (Portugal), Raw-Mantic (Germany), Yu-Seng (Switzerland), Cherry (Austria), Froz (Italy), Menno (Netherlands), Petair (Germany), Lee (United Kingdom) and Xisco (Netherlands) will battle it out for a place in the final.

Rotterdam marks the final qualifier on the road to Rio. The Qualifiers were brought in last year to give a greater number of talented B-Boys a shot at making it into B-Boying big time. This year, over 60 Cyphers were organised across the globe, from Italy and Algeria to Bolivia and Taiwan. The winners of these Cyphers have earned themselves a place in the six continental qualifiers that lead to the World Final on 8 December in Rio. These qualifiers were held in Russia, Mexico, the US, Morocco, New Zealand and, for the first time ever, in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam. Visitors are invited to come and cheer on their favourite B-Boys.

Post date: 08 September 2012

Overseen by Breakin’ Convention’s artistic director Jonzi D and Athony Ekundayo Lennon as assistant director of the workshops, the Open Art Surgery artists worked together for a week to produce short pieces of work to present in front of a live audience allowing them to feed back directly.

Some of the pieces shown were works in progress, rough around the edges and even a little off tangent (or “requiring minor surgery” to continue with the medical puns) as ten performances that embody the spirit of hip hop theatre - that is using hip hop elements such as spoken word, beatboxing, dance and a live DJ - were performed.

Across the night we had a dancehall piece in complete Jamaican patois (a first in hip hop theatre y’nuh?) by Cindy Claes (Spread Expression) in Di Breeded Pickney, a fusion of beatboxing and samba by Element Dance Company to the prerecorded beatboxing by Marv-Ill and the repeated scenario of teachers telling you to put your hands down to stop asking questions by Andrea Queens.

Touching on a dark nerve Realitie performed a spoken word piece about the ghetto mentality embedded within young men and Jane Sekonya explored how sin is sold to us every way, every day through marketing messages and pre-conceived ideas of how we should be. B-Boy Unique, Crazy Popper and Rik the Most finally managed to say what they had to say in their piece If Only, a trialogue between the three of them about the feeling you get when not being able to find the right words to say something.

For the first time in their history as a company since being founded in 2010 Project G used live vocals for the first time mixed with female boxing in The Fight, inspired by their work opening matches at the 2012 Olympics. B-Girl Candy confronted her coming of age as a breaker, slipping into a red dress and donning heels after the realisation that since growing up life isn't about top-to-toe wearing polyester outfits all the time. Sticking with femininity, Spoken Movement explored female insecurities - an interesting subject when their choreographer is a guy... while GREEdS looked up to another woman, his mother, who was also present and very proud sat in the audience.

The prognosis after this weekend’s Open Art Surgery? More great work! Audience feedback came thick and fast with plenty of insightful words exchanged between artist and spectator.

What’s next for these pieces of work? Each of the artists will have taken on board feedback and will use it to broaden and develop each piece of work - who knows, we might see some of these great pieces in a future Breakin’ Convention or on an even bigger stage in the future!

Check out tweets from the artists as they went through the Surgery process!

Note: If the tweets don’t display automatically (you will need JavaScript enabled - it may not work on mobile devices and some browsers) click here to read them on Storify!











Post date: 03 September 2012

Summer is here and the Breakin' Convention 2012 festival has been and gone. Now it's time to focus on the future, and the future is looking bright considering two things: The sun is shining and we're headed towards our 10 year anniversary next May, plus our acclaimed Open Art Surgery is returning to London then to Edinburgh to develop local hip hop theatre and Jonzi is set to tread the boards once again in Lyrikal Fearta: Redux.

Here's a run down of upcoming projects from and featuring Breakin' Convention... Remember, if you want to know stuff first then find us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter!

Open Art Surgery London

Open Art Surgery LondonFollowing our acclaimed run at Dance City earlier this month Breakin' Convention's Open Art Surgery is a showcase of brand new ideas in hip hop theatre hosted by Jonzi D.

We invite you to delve into the minds and souls of dancers, emcees and musicians as they dare to try something new, dangerous and exciting!
Featuring: Ella Mesma, Spoken Movement, B-Girl Candy, Broken Doll, Cindy Claes, GREEdS, Josephine “Realitie” Rollings, Joshua Idehen and Project G

Date: Friday 7 September 2012, 7.45pm
Price: £5 - buy tickets now or call 0844 412 4300

Jonzi D: Lyrikal Fearta - Redux

Lyrikal Fearta ReduxJonzi D returns to his creative roots to perform Lyrikal Fearta. Returning to the stage after ten years, Lyrikal Fearta remains as sharp, relevant and political as ever and is sure to draw up feelings of nostalgia with Jonzi's vintage classics, Guilty, Shoota, Safe, Aeroplane Man and Silence the Bitchin’ plus newly commissioned 'choreopoetic' work.

Date: 18 - 27 October at Sadler's Wells Lilian Baylis Theatre.
Tickets: £15 - Buy tickets now or visit Sadler's Wells website for more info.

Open Art Surgery Edinburgh

Open Art Surgery EdinburghIn November Open Art Surgery takes a tartan twist and touches down on Scottish soil for the first time ever. In partnership with Dance Base (Edinburgh), artists will devise and develop new hip hop theatre ideas. See the results at The Traverse on Saturday 24 November 2012.

Email if you'd like to be involved.

Tickets on sale soon

Breakin' Convention 10th anniversary submissions open!

Click here to apply for Breakin' Convention 2012!

Breakin' Conventionis celebrating its 10th anniversary next year and will be packed with surprises and their strongest line-up ever!  If you want a chance to be part of this historic occasion then submissions will be opening in mid-September. It's our biggest landmark anniversary since 2008 (remember "five years of flavour?") - guaranteed Breakin' Convention 10 Year Anniversary tickets will be like gold dust!

Post date: 31 August 2012

Bad Taste Cru has announced the line up for Just Jam International 2012, their international hip hop festival at Dance City in Newcastle, and has produced one of the freshest video promos ever - bar none!

If ever there was a way to celebrate a five year anniversary it would look like this...

Just Jam International - Wild Style Promo "Jam By Law" by

The Just Jam International festival is made of two nights: The Jam and Juice theatre night on Saturday 27 October and the battle night on Sunday 28.

While battles are arguably always the main pull of any event selling itself as a 'jam,' the Jam and Juice night cannot be overlooked with the talent performing on the night, scouted for by Bad Taste Cru and their commitment to furthering hip hop dance theatre, including: BirdGang, Babson (of Wanted Posse and Serial Stepperz), Eugene Quiet, Trash Dollys, DJ Rasp and Bad Taste Cru plus additional acts to be confirmed will all perform on the night. Maybe the performance from the Cru themselves will reflect what they learned when Open Art Surgery came to Dance City in July? We'll have to find out.

The battle night line up on Sunday has also been announced and will see eight invited UK b-boys and eight invited international b-boys battle through preliminary rounds against local entrants for a place in the finals later that day.

UK invites
Ben Jammin (Ghetlow)
Chamos (Ghetlow / Trashdollys)
Ichiban Sam (MDK)
LB (Floor Riderz)
Lee Rock (Mix Blood Brothers / La Familia)
Lil Jay
Mouse (Floorgangz)
Raw-B (Bad Taste Cru)
8 International Invites
Defending Champion Tkilla (CockRoachez, Norway)
Pick-up (Kosher Flava, Israel)
Yarko (Polskee Flavour, Poland)
King Foolish (Octagon, Sweden)
BGirl A.T. (Flow Mo, Finland)
Sebastien (Battle Squad, France)
Skromcich (Cats Claw, Poland)
Artis (Furious Styles/Originality Stands Alone, Spain)

As if that wasn’t enough, Bad Taste will fly in legendary b-boy Poe One in for a three day intensive b-boy bootcamp taking workshops that will address the very fundamentals of breaking, plus the likes of Simeon Qsyea (BirdGang), B-Girl ATA (Flo-Mo), Babson (Serial Stepperz) and Eugene Quiet will also be taking workshops in hip hop, breaking, house and popping respectively!

Make sure to visit for additional updates for Just Jam 2012!

And so, with all that in store and an amazing promo video, can anything surpass last year’s surprise marriage proposal? (fast forward to 3:52)

Just Jam International 2012 takes place on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 October 2012 at Newcastle Dance City. Other workshops take place earlier in the week - for full Just Jam 2012 line up see the Breakin' Convention hip hop dance events calendar.

Related: Read our report on Just Jam 2011 here

Post date: 30 August 2012

SIN Cru, the internationally acclaimed hip hop arts organisation based in Cambridge, is seeking a self motivated, enthusiastic graduate (or equivalent) for an exciting and challenging placement.

It's an excellent training opportunity for a dancer interested in developing practical skills in the teaching, choreography and performance of b-boy technique, alongside administrative duties and an understanding into the running of an arts organisation.

SIN Cru are well known on the UK hip hop dance scene, frequently battling in competitions in both the UK and abroad, as well as running the annual Urban SINfonie B-Boy Battle and SoHHA. SIN Cru reflect the whole culture of hip hop using DJing, b-boying and graffiti art professionally and through a large outreach programme which the intern will have a hand in assisting in, among many other challenging and rewarding tasks.

"Since becoming a SIN Cru intern I've made new friends, learnt new skills and become part of a family! My b-boy technique has improved so much thanks to the intense training, and I've had the opportunity to travel the country as well as abroad to represent at various jams," said Flash Jordan, the SIN Cru intern for 2011 to 2012.

The successful candidate will be a keen and creative team player with an understanding of hip hop culture, have experience in b-boying, and a sustained interest in both theatre and education.

Flash Jordan adds: "Helping teach workshops has improved my confidence and I have gained a lot through the experience. Living in the Hip Hop House has brought tons of laughs and nothing can beat our kitchen cyphers!"

If you want to apply as the SIN Cru intern, then see below.

SIN Cru internship

They key info
SIN Cru's intership takes place from 8 October 2012 - 26 July 2013 at SIN Cru HQ, Cambridge, UK
Deadline: Wednesday 12th September 2012

  • The post is full time.
  • This post is subject to CRB disclosure.
  • This is an unpaid role but SIN Cru will provide accommodation (if applicable) and pay a contribution to travel and expenses. We are happy to discuss flexible working arrangements.

To apply
For further information and expressions of interest contact
Lucy Crowe Artistic Director

SIN Cru supports equality and diversity. No CVs or agencies please.

Post date: 24 August 2012

Hakeem Onibudo’s Live Vibe night is back for 2012 for two evenings of performances, entertainment and audience interaction at Rich Mix in east London this September and November.

It’s as though the variety show has returned to its roots after the seeds for Live Vibe as we know it kicked off at the Spitz just around the corner which has seen both professional and up-and-coming artists and entertainers challenged by interpretations of different themes and thriving off the audience’s energy.

It’s the winning formula of Live Vibe that saw it receive critical acclaim after its run at the Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler’s Wells since 2009, taking it to venues Hong Kong in December 2010 and later Zimbabwe in 2011.

“It's easy to have a show that you can curate and have good pieces. People take what they like and leave what they like," explains Hakeem. "Sometimes you can get away with that - when I go to other events and its a mismatch of work, you walk away and one or two things stick in your mind and its a cacophony where the host doesn’t keep it all together."

The theme for the acts this time is words and will include performances from A&R, Delve Dance Company, RWA (Ready Willing and Able) and Hakeem's flagship company, Fully Functioning Individuals, and recently announced, Kenrick Sandy joining Mikey J who is providing the music on the night.

“Why the theme of words? I love fusion, I love poetry, words and art, and for artists to have a theme for their work,” says Hakeem.

Hakeem is also the curator of East London Dance’s Two’s A Company night, and believes the notion of theme will help push the perceptions of how words are interpreted, whether through dance, poetry or music.

“Some of the work is brand new commissions. Everything should have the theme of Live Words, and it challenges me as the compere to have that theme to keep everything together."

Live Vibe Words takes place on 1 September 2012 at Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA with another Live Vibe on 10 November.

Tickets for Live Vibe Words can be bought online or by calling the Rich Mix ticket office on 020 7613 7498