Post date: 13 June 2012

Mounir Biba, part of world b-boy champions Vagabond Crew breaks it down to Hakeem Onibudo and DJ Sarah Love about who the Vagabond Crew are, where they got their name from, what it takes to be part of a champion crew in one of many interviews taken during Breakin' Convention's live stream on The Space.

Vagabond Crew interview with BBoy Mounir

You can also read our reports from the Battle of the Year 2011 and UK BBoy Championships 2011 where Vagabond emerged as champions.

This is just one of many interviews Breakin' Convention did as part of its live stream on The Space - for all new videos make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, below!

Post date: 13 June 2012

ILL-Abilities joined Jonzi D on the Breakin' Convention couch over the weekend of the festival as part of our live stream on The Space. Have you ever wondered what the meaning of 'ILL-Abilities' was, or the story behind their awe-inspiring performance No Limits was and the concept of a super crew? You can find out below!

ILL Abilities interview with Jonzi D

Don't forget you can also check out ILL-Abilities' video here documenting their stay in the UK as part of the Breakin' Convention 2012 UK tour, plus check out these tweets from you, the public, below!

What people said about ILL-Abilities

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Post date: 11 June 2012

Finally! Videos of Breakin' Convention 2012 London have been added to YouTube and you can see them all here!

We will gradually be uploading videos to the Breakin' Convention YouTube channel and our videos page over the coming weeks, including videos from the Breakin' Convention 2012 tour. If you want them first we recommend you subscribe below:

Watch Breakin' Convention 2012 videos

Can't wait to watch Breakin' Convention videos? We've embedded all our videos into a playlist below. Just press play and sit back!

Watch Breakin' Convention on The Space

Breakin' Convention 2012 was streamed live online this year as part of The Space, where you can watch a selection of content from the arts on demand.

Visit the Breakin' Convention page on to watch full videos of select Breakin' Convention performances!

Post date: 11 June 2012

Breakin' Convention reviews have hit the news racks over the past few weeks and has the critics raving across the country!

This year's London programme and UK tour featured an exceptionally strong line up, unique artists and incredible sets to make sure that we stick to our commitment of breakin' the convention of hip hop dance theatre.

Needless to say with Vagabond Crew and Clash 66 as our headline touring acts both critics and audiences were astounded by their slick moves and powerful partner work. So refreshing was their work to hip hop dance that we had to invite them back and tour them across the country for your pleasure.

The last month has been eye opening, for us and the thousands that came and saw the festival. Check it or jump to your reviews (a series of vox pops and tweets)

Breakin' News

Breakin' Convention's most valued player had to be Storyboard P: His gliding across the stage while lost in the moment left the critics wondering what they were going to say when they filed their reviews. The Guardian awarded 4/5 stars noting how Storyboard P was "Totally unclassifiable; totally watchable." (Sanjoy Roy)

See for yourself below.

At only nine years old Breakin' Convention is starting to show its maturity, and we continue to push the next generation of choreographers who too are pushing their creative envelopes. Roy continued in his review describing Botis Seva's The World In Which We Exist, whom Breakin' Convention commissioned as part of Back to the Lab with Jasmin Vardimon, "caught the spikes and tremors of a drumbeat to evoke a heart condition."

Going back even younger The Independent awarded 4 stars out of 5, noting how Buckness Personified brought "a juicy toughness to the pumping, convulsive moves" (Zoe Anderson), with Sanjoy Roy adding: "Unity UK melded explosive energy with spot-on synchronicity, while ZooNation Youth Company presented its talent in refreshingly lyrical choreography."

Big up to all the youth groups this year!

The Clement Crisp of the Financial Times gave 4/5 stars, admiring B-Boy Ata, Avant Garde Dance's 'dark energies' in Dark Matter and especially ILL-Abilities' unforgettable and inspiring performance.

BC first-timer Kaz Luckins from Birmingham was immersed in the world of hip hop the moment she entered the auditorium in her report. Maybe just a little immature (see for yourself, below) she still managed to appreciate hip hop's youth-inducing effect and had fun in the foyers which is exactly what Breakin' Convention is about: hip hop for all ages and all people with What's On Stage (4/5) notes: "encouragement to keep phones switched on and tweet throughout the show, Breaking Convention 12 really speaks to the kids!"

David Pollock in The Scotsman (4 out of 5) reiterates that point for Edinburgh, saying: "some of the most sophisticated contemporary dance set-pieces were met with either the stunned coos of mesmerised children or the wolf-whistles of teenage girls."

You review Breakin' Convention

Most importantly we can't forget the most important people's opinions: YOURS. Check out these vox pops taken outside London by WinkBall, we think they sum up our audience really well!

Plus check out these tweets from during the evening of our Breakin' Convention live stream! (You will need Javascript enabled on your browser and it may not work on mobiles - if you can't see the tweets then try here.






Post date: 06 June 2012

Breakin' Convention was honoured to have five of the ILLEST b-boys in the world to perform in London followed by BC Plymouth and BC Birmingham.

B-Boys Redo, Checho, Tommy Guns, Kujo, Lazylegz and DJ Dekoy performed No Limits illustrating each dancer’s personal story of overcoming adversity through the struggles of communicational difficulties, stereotypes, life-changing decisions, civil crisis and shattered dreams.

Check out the video Tommy Guns filmed of their time in London and follow the crew around the country as they performed, met individuals on their journey and had the opportunity to sip tea.

Check out ILL-Abilities' artist profile.

What people said about ILL-Abilities

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Post date: 03 May 2012

Watch Breakin' Convention online: Whatever your reason, whether you can't make it down town, you live too far away or you live outside the UK, if you can't make it to Breakin' Convention this year then you don't need to miss out!

Watch Breakin' Convention online

This live stream has ended - why not watch Breakin' Convention videos here to see highlights?

Breakin' Convention live stream will start at 4pm on Monday 7 May

This year you will be able to watch Breakin' Convention online as part of The Space with the Space Player (this will be live below this weekend) allowing you to watch the festival for free! Breakin' Convention is also the first dance event to be broadcast on The Space, so let's make this big! The live stream of Breakin' Convention 2012 takes place on Monday 7 May 2012 at 4pm GMT

The live coverage of Breakin' Convention will include the main festival streamed live, interviews with the artists hosted by DJ Sarah Love, Diva J, Hakeem "Mr Impact" Onibudo and Ella Darlington, and behind the scenes footage, plus so much more - imagine a Glastonbury of Hip Hop but minus the mud and double the funk!

Breakin' Convention 2012 Live day line up

4pm - Doors Open
Freestyling in the foyers, DJ demos from Tha En4cers, live graff jam and much more!

Freestyle Funk Forum (Lilian Baylis Studio); live improv jam with beatboxers, dancers, musicians, DJs.

6pm - 7.45pm (Main Stage)
House that Union Jack Built (UK)
B-Boy Ata (Finland)
Clash 66 (France/Korea)
Avant Garde Dance (UK)
Gemini (France)
Storyboard P (USA)
ILL-Abilities (International)

7.55pm - 8.25pm (Lilian Baylis Studio)
Theo Godson Oloyade(UK)
Kloe Dean (UK)
Simeon Qsyea (UK)

8.30pm - 9.30pm Main Stage
Boadicea (UK)
Vagabond Crew (France)

Post date: 30 April 2012

Breakin' Convention isn't just an experience... It's a show! Ask anyone who has been to the festival before, Breakin' Convention prides itself on its integrity to hip hop. So here are several things you should do when you come to the festival.

Take a workshop - reduced to £10!
Breakin' Convention offers some once in a lifetime workshops every year from the top local and international choreographers. For the first time ever Breakin' Convention is offering a master lass in the style of strutting, while Storyboard P will talk people through Mutant style and Sebastien Ramirez demonstrates his unique take on body space movement.
Find out more about Breakin' Convention workshops here

Or just have a go (free!)
It's understandable that not everyone considers themselves up to scratch with their moves - that's OK. Lil' Tim and Rowdy will be at hand to demonstrate and show you through the basic steps in the Training Ground area for you and your young ones with the Tiny Totrock session, while the first circle is transformed into a training ground for those less accustomed to taking intense classes!

Check out the Freestyle Funk Forum (FREE - limited tickets available at ticket office)
While the stellar cast (Ivan Blackstock, Tony Thrills, Ben Jammin, Odelia Egyiawan, Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Marv-ILL, Billy Biznizz and Jonzi D) remain the same throughout, every Freestyle Funk Forum is different!
Freestyle Funk Forum takes place in the Lilian Baylis Studio and is first come first serve because the tickets are FREE.

Watch foyer performances and battles (free!)
Turning Sadler's Wells into a hip hop zone for an entire weekend we have to keep the festival feel alive, so we've invited Wet Wipez (Saturday), Waacktitioners (Sunday) and Soul Mavericks (Monday) down to showcase battle and MCs LyricL (Saturday), Naba Napalm (Sunday) and Abandoman (Monday) for your enjoyment, with Marv-ILL's beatboxing to let you know when the show's about to begin!

Get your photo taken with the artists
There's no green room for artists to hide in at Breakin' Convention - it's a social event where the dancers are happy to meet and greet their admirers.
Before the show, during the interval and at the after party the artists will be checking the show out just like you.

Even the cast of Street Dance 2 including Skorpion, Dedson and Lilou (L-R) passed through to experience last year!

Make your friends green with envy by telling them where you are! Twitter screens will be placed around the building allowing you to keep up with the banter before the show and during the interval. Who knows, if you tweet something Jonzi may end up reading your tweets in front of 1,800 people - and the world!

Come to the after party (entrance FREE with a wristband, £5 without)
If you've watched the artists performing over three days isn't it time you took a moment to take to the dance floor? With DJ Sara Love, DJ Hooch and Tha En4cers on the ones-and-twos the party don't stop until 3 in the morning!

Watch it online
Breakin' Convention in association with The Space is streaming Monday's festival online, allowing  viewers from all over the world to watch wherever an Internet connection is available. Once the festival leaves London make sure you watch the highlights back at

Post date: 10 April 2012

Breakin' Convention is bringing the festival vibe! It's a little known secret to die hard Breakin' Convention fans that getting down to Sadler's Wells early pays off. While the dancers are warming up backstage the action is getting well underway elsewhere!

Doors to the main building open at 3:30pm, and for those that aren't taking a workshop there's plenty to do to keep occupied before the main show starts. 

From the moment you walk through the doors you can admire the graffiti installation from SmugOne and Recal reaching from the mezzanine to the ceiling, but if tagging is something you've always wanted to have a go at Mr Dane and ArtJaz invite you to learn the basics with a marker, plus watch murals being created at the Graff Jam out in the yard. 

For those who aren't regular dance class goers or floor mavericks (yet) Yami and Lil Tim will be demonstrating impromptu b-boy basics for the uninitiated in the Tiny Totrock Session for kids from 4.30pm and the Training Circle during the interval for others to get involved.

(Although if you want to book a workshop, check out the line up here!)

As they do every year Tha En4cers will be providing a soundtrack of funk and classic hip hop throughout the day, and for your entertainment we have a guest cypher: Wet Wipez (krump) on Saturday and Soul Mavericks (breaking) on Monday demonstrating their battle prowess.

Each day at 5:30 we have a rotation of freestyling MCs which includes LyricL (Saturday) who recently released her album Amazed, Naba Napalm (Sunday), who recently released his album The Love Bullet LP, songwriter, rapper and lyricist, and fresh from the festival circuit, Ireland’s biggest hip hop act since House of Pain, Abandoman (Monday) featuring Rob Broderick, plus beatboxer Marv-iLL will literally be bringing the noise.

If improv is your thing then the inimitable Freestyle Funk Forum is back for its second year! Hip hop's answer to Whose Line Is It Anyway returns to the Lilian Baylis Studio (through the stage door entrance) during the main show interval and will see DJ Billy Bizznizz, Marv-ill Superlungs, Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Ivan Blackstock, Tony Thrills, Ben Jammin' and Odilia Egyiawan in an unrehearsed performance that the audience can influence and where anything can happen, led by Jonzi D. 

A highlight of last year's festival, tickets for Freestyle Funk Forum are free but limited, first come first serve, and definitely not to be missed. 

Before booking a ticket why not find out what's happening each day at the festival, here?

Plus the popular Twitter screens will be making a comeback so you can keep up with what people are tweeting about Breakin' Convention from inside the venue and across the world! Tweet us @bconvention and watch your tweets appear on screen around the building!

Post date: 30 March 2012

Breakin’ Convention isn’t just a festival - it’s an experience, so we keep telling you. And one of the core parts of the Breakin’ Convention experience is to provide you with the best workshops with internationally renowned artists from around the world and around the corner, and that's why Breakin’ Convention is excited to announce its workshop programme for London.

Breakin' Convention workshops are open to everyone, meaning if you're not coming to the festival you don't have to be a ticket holder, so don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from our line up of incredible artists.

Even better news is that the price for workshops has dropped to just £10 a session plus booking fee, except Pop Tart which is £15 - although he is offering the UK's first ever workshop in the Oakland style of strutting.

Book tickets for workshops now!

Breakin’ Convention 2012 London workshops

Here's some quick ticket info:

  • All workshops costs £10 (except Pop Tart’s - £15) and can be booked from the Sadler’s Wells Box Office in person, online or by calling 0844 412 4300. Online and telephone bookings are subject to a £1 booking fee.  Participants should wear comfortable clothing and footwear and bring water.
  • General workshops are open to everyone over the age of 12. Advanced workshops are suitable for those with a solid understanding and at least 2 years experience in the style.


12.15-13.45 - Breaking - GENERAL
No experience is necessary for iLL-Abilities first ever workshops in the UK.  iLL-Abilities have a wealth of experience of teaching dancers with a range of disabilities but this Breaking class is open for all.

12.15-13.45 - Hip Hop - ADVANCED
Kefton is one of the best dancers of his generation and won a string of high profile battles in 2011. With influences including House and Tap, Kefton has developed a distinctive style that pays respect to foundations whilst also innovates

14.30-16.00 - House - ADVANCED
Mamson is one of the world’s best House dancers.  Fresh from his victory at Juste Debout, Mamson will deliver a workshop suitable for even the most experienced House dancers.

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10.30-13.30 - Strutting - GENERAL
Strutting is an advanced robot style from San Francisco. Pop Tart is one of the pioneers of this style. This is his first time in the UK and an exclusive opportunity to learn a street dance history that has had little exposure. This is not to be missed!

12.15-13.45 - Breaking - ADVANCED
Ata is one of the world’s leading bboys and comes from a lineage of European masters.  Known for his style and finesse, he is the definition of smooth.  Focusing on transitions and exploring the dynamic of playing with levels he’ll help you to develop your flow

12.15-13.45 - Hip Hop For Kids - 8-14yrs
Kate Prince, Artistic Director of ZooNation, is one of the heavyweights of UK Hip Hop dance theatre.  This is a great opportunity for young people to learn Hip Hop dance and storytelling from one of the country's finest!

14.30-15.30 - House - GENERAL
House dance emerged from Chicago during the birth of the House music scene in the late 80s and early 90s and takes influences from Jazz and Tap. Get ready to sweat and learn foundations from reigning world champion, Babson

14.00-15.30 - Body-Movement-Space - ADVANCED
Sebastien is one of Europe's leading performers in Hip Hop Dance Theatre.  Through the foundations of bboying and popping, Sebastien will explore relationships between body and floor, body and space, as well as transitions, control and expression of movement

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12.15-13.45 - Breaking For Kids - 8-14yrs
No experience is necessary for iLL-Abilities first ever workshops in the UK. iLL-Abilities have a wealth of experience of teaching dancers with a range of disabilities but this Breaking class is open for kids of all age and abilities

12.15-13.45 - Hip Hop - GENERAL
Pro Phenomen have brought a breath of fresh air to Hip Hop choreography. One of France’s best, Physs embodies this style and is here to share his knowledge and skill with you at his first EVER UK workshop!

14.00-15.30 - Breaking - GENERAL
Vagabonds from France are the reigning world bboy champions.  Raw, explosive and full of funk, Vagabond Crew are ready to share their skills and secrets with you.  Participants will work on toprock, footwork, spins and power moves

14.00-15.30 - Locking - ADVANCED
Gemini is a world champion locker and has performed, judged and battled at the highest year for over 10 years.  He has worked with Madonna and Kate Moss and trained under many of the locking originators and pioneers

14.00-15.30 - Mutant - Storyboard P - GENERAL
Storyboard P hails from Brooklyn, the birthplace of Flexing.  Winning countless battles he is one of the iconic figures of this underground movement.  Flexing uses many techniques from Popping including waving and gliding but incorporates contortionism and abstract qualities


Post date: 18 March 2012

Get ready soul dancers: This week will see the return of legendary dancer Shabba-Doo to the UK to deliver the first in a series of educational programmes designed to empower street dancers with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. With four decades of street dance behind him, a career as a Soul Train dancer, star of the movies Breakin' and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, choreographed for Madonna, Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, and many more credits to his name, there's no denying his expertise and historical stature.

“I am looking forward to returning to the UK with great hope, joy, and love. I am committed to serving the UK’s street-dance community by empowering the nation’s youth with accurate knowledge and practical skills that will serve them for decades to come," Shabba-Doo said. "Long live personal freedom, and unbridled artistic expression!”

The UK tour will commence in Swansea, Wales on Thursday 22 March and then move on to London for a week of mini-intensive sessions from Monday 26 March. Both visits will include An Evening with Shabba-Doo Street Dance Seminar.

The London portion of the trip is programmed over four nights with different things being taught in every class so that those who are really serious about getting a base to further their training can do the whole thing.  This is also designed in a way to cater for those who are new to the dances, have a slight interest and want to come and try just one or two classes.

Franz Sindac, a dancer from London that took Shabba-Doo's class during his visit in June 2011 he said of the experience testifies: "I took Shabba Doo's workshop last year, and I must say, it was an experience to be there. In a short span of time, I have learned so many things. Dancing is not just a technique or movement but an expression within your soul. I have never seen someone like him so passionate about dancing and he talks nothing but the truth."

"I am delighted to be working in partnership with Shabba-Doo to create these opportunities for UK street dancers," said Corina Best, director of the Spread Love Dance Project. "I had the good fortune of meeting and working with him in 2011. He teaches more than just dance, he teaches life. Learning dance from Shabba-Doo is food for the soul. If you genuinely want to develop your skills as a street dancer and take your ability to the next level, particularly anyone who is serious about Waackin' or Lockin' - these sessions should unquestionably be a staple part of your dancing-diet. Also for people running street-dance groups and teaching these styles this is a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge to ensure that you are providing your students with quality and authentic teachings."

For more information on booking a place on Shabba Doo's Street Dance Buffet course, visit our calendar section!
For classes in Wales see here